Child of Air, Scion of Death

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Child of Air, Scion of Death

Postby quillkeeper » Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:21 pm

*The war was over, King Evaras had dismissed his troops, and an uneasy peace had resumed between the races of Fikiawe and Noore I'Meles. Ventyr rode the currents home, only for him the currents were not those of water, but those of wind.*

*Since his meeting with Kriska and a choice to follow the path she taught he had discovered a new home, one far away from Fikiawe, one not even in Sinya Palurin.*

*A sudden turbulance threatened to tumble him from the air, but like the rest of his people he was born of the skies, he folded his wings slightly and rode the rough air as easily as he would have rode the smooth. His eyes focused on the ground and saw a huge mass of minute creatures surging past the Fortress of Tira, he lowered his altittude to get a closer look.*

*The were creature of death, or at least un-death, most of them seemingly mindless shambling masses that the knights were cutting down effortlessly. The mass of creatures concerned him, not a concern for his person, he was far beyond their reach. No this was a concern for his new home.*

*It was an undisputable fact that death was the most prominant power in his home, that was to be expected for Gweria, but his new calling meant that his home relayed on him for its defence, and these creatures seemed to be headed straight for his grove.*

*With a sense of the wind that could only be possessed by a race that flew more than walked Ventyr seized the next thermal and soared higher into the air. It was thiner up here, harder to breathe, but at the same time it offered less resistance and so he covered the ground quicker than any land based creature could have hoped. Despite this it was still an hour before the peak that he had made his eyrie was close enough for him to land on.*

*Yet he did not land, he folded his wings and dove in long spirials accelerating to brake-neck speeds. The ground rushed up at an alarming rate before he fanned his wings out to their full extent and used the thermals to slow his descent. Landing heavily on his feet, but without causing himself injury he looked aroud the twisted and decaying trees that preceeded him here, in their shadows small sprouts of new growth showed, but death still hung in the air like a palpable cloud.*

*If it was possible to smile with a beak, Ventyr did so, yes death was the most prominant power, but air water and earth were also here, and whispers of life were slowly creeping through. Yes this was his home, but it was also more than that, he was a part of these lands and they were a part of him. He spoke to the landscape in a hushed voice that barely broke the poigant silence.*

"It's good to be home."

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