On the north coast of Hoopa

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On the north coast of Hoopa

Postby Edd » Mon May 19, 2008 7:26 pm

In the North East corner of Hoopa, by the sea, on the beach a beautiful sunset is disturbed by the scuffling of undead. Their rotting skin drags in the sand, spoiling this picturesque scene. Apart from the shambling corpses the place seems deserted, their decomposing bodies wander aimlessly. Time has no meaning for them. They have no memory, so they don't recall coming there. They don't have a concept of thought, so they don't even wonder why they are there. They are automatons. Abominations. They are the reason he was there....

Sighing he lifts his two handed sword, silently, gently. He waits, the patient hunter. He's been there for hours, watching the shambling corpses. His features show he is elven, but the black scar down his face contradicts his light elf lineage. The time had come. As he leaps from the bushes the zombies aren't taken by surprise as such, they don't have a concept of surprise, but they didn't know he was there. They turn towards him, stumbling as they try to reach for his flesh. But, before the closest can get near him he utters a phrase, focusing his hatred of the foul creatures outward, and the nearest zombie is frozen in place at his touch.

The second one isn't so fortunate, as his chest is caved in by a strong downward stroke of his sword. The third reaches for him but his hand is met by the counter stroke of the blade, falling to the floor, severed from its arm. The zombie isn't deterred by the loss of this limb, and dives head first towards the light elf. Its teeth close upon his arm, digging deep then stop, as the elf removes the sword that was impaling it.

The first zombie, freed from his spell, groans as it reaches for him, spinning he decapitates it in one movement. He allows himself a moments rest. Then hears it. The inevitable cry. Bestial, inhuman, more of them. They smelt the blood. They wanted food. Placing his hand over his bleeding arm, he muttered a few words, a small shining light glowed and the wound was gone.

The night was young. More would come. And they would be put to rest. The dead should stay dead. He picked up his sword from the sand.

Kais would be ready for them............
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Re: On the north coast of Hoopa

Postby Will » Tue May 20, 2008 7:48 pm

<<Acknowldeges coolness of this post>>
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