Stranger on the Shore

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Stranger on the Shore

Postby pandamonium » Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:35 pm

The waves lap the shore, there is a lot of debris on the beach this morning. Broken timbers and torn canvas aren't the worst of it, there are shredded clothes, broken boxes, ruined foodstuffs and the occasional body. It's clear there was a massive storm out at sea recently and at least one ship didn't survive the night.

Suddenly one bedraggled mess moves. Under the mass of seaweed, flotsom and jetsome something stands up, it is humanoid, but no features can be discerned under the wreckage of the sea and the sunken ship. It slowly looks around at the remains on the beach and appears to be surprised.

"Strewth!" the figure mutters in an accent that has not been heard on the island of Hoopa before. He removes the debris from him to reveal a well dressed man about 6 foot tall in a black robe. He looks around the beach and at the tree line behind him, none of the tree types seem familiar to him, the sand feels wrong and he fails to recall any stretches of beach like this in his homeland.

"Well Al, I guess we're not in Ozz anymore!" With that he finds a suitable staff from the wreckage and heads off the beach to find out what sort of land he has finished up in this time.
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