A surge of Darkness - Quarin

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A surge of Darkness - Quarin

Postby Chee » Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:26 am

In darkness Samuel sits in contemplation of his plans. His thoughts are violently interrupted by the sudden awareness of the mortal presence of his lord. He stands, dark robes flowing around him as he rises.

GERNERALS! Attend Now.

Swiftly nine large skeletons in full plate and silk black tabards enter the room.

The lord is among us. We shall go to him. His safety is top priority. It is the only priority. Assemble all forces, we travel immediately.

North Gweria, a mass of the unliving surge across the land. Thousands, a single purpose, a single mind. They move in silence with ghostly, haunted faces. Larger undead wearing tabards of Quarin guide and order the undead to their destination.
Mean while, close by, a smaller group of undead stand in a circle chanting in deathly tones. The haze of magic consuming them as the disappear from sight.


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