Lenamo in Broniant

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Lenamo in Broniant

Postby Lirael » Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:51 am

Aviendha arrives at the fort hold known as Broniant, there is a flurry of activity in the streets around her. Archers and soldiers are rushing towards the battlements. There is a cacophony of generals shouting orders to their troops, it is clear that they are preparing to defend the walls from the undead who have been seen approaching from the east. Fear and panic rise up within Aviendha as she picks up her skirts and begins to run through the streets allowing the pulling sensation to guide her. The path leads her to the top of the battlements. Aviendha looks out to the east, the sight of the large mass of undead steadily approaching causes her to stop in her tracks, transfixed she stares outwards at the undead and watches as the undead army suddenly stops several feet out of arrow range. Larger undead creatures can be seen moving amongst the undead. From the way they move they appear to be shouting out orders to the others. Before long the army begins to move around the fort following an invisible circular path north-westerly around the fort constantly keeping them outside of the archers range. Aviendha moves along the battlements keeping the army with in her sight. Once the army has positioned themselves to the western side of the fort they surprise all of its inhabitants by continuing their march west and away from the fort. The panic subsides slightly within Aviendha and she hurries down from the battlements back to the streets below still following the pull she feels to her Lord Lenamo. Soon she sees him, she recognizes him immediately. He appears to be lost and a little confused to find himself in a fort preparing for battle. Aviendha falls to her knees before him "My Lord Lenamo. I am blessed to be in your presence. I fear it may not be safe for you here. I can feel your power diminished by the link I have found in my faith in you, please come with me. We must get you to safety."

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