Finding Firin

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Finding Firin

Postby Will » Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:50 am

**The blinding flashes of light alerted Dorellan to the fact that he was close... he had sensed his mistress for several hours now, and had travelled deep into Gweria in order to find her.

As he stepped over the decaying bodies felled by her power, he began to chant his own blend of magics into the mix. Dark power lashed out with the light, and before long, he had reached his Goddess through the throng she had gathered around herself, almost overwhelmed. Dropping to one knee and taking a gentle hand in his own as he kissed it**

"My Lady, how may I serve you? My life is yours."

**She smiled, clearly weak and drained of power**

"Take me somewhere safe, please, whilst we figure out what to do... Where are the others?"

**Dorellan frowns**


**She looks him straight in the eyes**

"The other Gods... we will need them..."
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