The Seige Of Varya

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The Seige Of Varya

Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:02 pm

Left to his own devices after seeing Annihilation ascended and the aftermath of politics, Solace ventures into the city and spends a few days transcribing the events. Afterall many thought they knew what had happened, or parts of...

Quite lucid the Null Elf was set, ink, quills and parchment. All he needed now was time... and that he had in abundance for the time being. All going well he may even go and visit Mili in Serke Kemi... it had been months since he left her there... but only if he had time.

Day One of The Siege Of Varya

Throughout the day leading to the siege the Heroes gathered, some called to arms by the one known as Lord Ragnar, others finding themselves in the fort by chance, destiny, greed or another reason known to themselves.

The afternoon was slow, with minor undead attacking the fort, giving the approaching army commanders and idea of what was in place to defend the walls. The guardsman were absent, the townspeople either friendly or suspicious toward the heroes.

As the sun began to fall the Heroes discovered the plot against their defence, any Heroes within the walls or Varya would find themselves within the Hopewastes, under siege with no reprieve whilst the walls they were supposed to defend stand empty and assaulted.

As the last rays of sun shone over the walls the form of what would be known as Annihilation showed his face, screaming that without the heroes’ presence he would successfully destroy the fort, the town and its entire people. The bold Seeker spoke on their behalf and insulted the walked God, refuting his words and spurning his decree. With the verbal confrontation ending the sun looked out no more, the world faded to purples and greys, the trees and plants aged and died.

In to the Hopewastes the Heroes were banished, and with forces of undead hungry for their lives the Heroes were attacked, with a valiant effort the hordes which came at them were pushed back, swords met shields, maces met faces and yet the undead still attacked.

Soon enough the Heroes had the fort under their control, whilst this happened the slightly deranged Bard, known as Thorn, made an effort to remove all magic from himself, claiming that magic in small amounts made him crazy, whereas within the Hopewastes he had more power than ever before available and so was sane. His counter argument was that a complete removal of magic would have the same effect, and so he entered the ritual circle that was housed within the fort.

Soon enough null magic flew from the shadow jewel and enveloped the circle, his screams heard by all the heroes. Ripped apart by the magic and rebuilt. All the time that this happened magic lashed out harming any near the circle, and as the undead attacked again many of them felt the backlash of it.

Fortunately or unfortunately the Hero known as Lemrah, follower of Onlurin, pushed in to the circle and began to enact a rite to fix the absence of magic. Somehow this went wrong and the magic was removed from the Hopewastes, with Onlurins blessing.

As the bard returned with a newly formed body he was blamed for the magic leaving the world, yet soon the truth was revealed. Onlurin had allowed his follower to remove magic from the Hopewastes in an attempt to destroy the shadow jewel – the jewel made with anti-magic.

Lemrah was given a choice; he had to choose which of the spell casters within the lands of the dead were worthy enough to wield magic once more, to bring it back. He made his choices, and left out one, Oso, it could be that this choice is what pushed her to seek out other sources of power.

The decision made, the ceremony complete, the heroes were once again in tune with magic as it seeped back in to the world. Yet now it had to contend with the Null magic that had been released, it would not go back to being contained in the jewel any longer. Solace, the newly formed Null Elf, unbeknownst to everyone subverted the ritual and returned magic to all within the world.

Yet it soon became apparent that Onlurin was being killed. Again Lemrah in his haste accused the being that was magics opposite. Yet it was not he, but one of the beings that he himself had questioned and returned the magic too. For abusing the magic through a power font when magic was so very weak was causing Onlurin to put his own power into the world instead of the natural power that is usually present.

Once more the situation looked dire for the God of Magic, who almost killed himself in an attempt to destroy his opposing force. As the abuse was halted, the magic began to settle. As the magic settled the heroes continued their defence.

It wasn’t until a scout made it through the ranks to the fort and alerted the gathered that Lord Ragnar and his men were alive and had broken out due to the magic being removed. With this news the heroes valiantly fought and found the missing Lord, with them he and his men returned to the fort, safe once more and thankful at the rescue.

One incursion into the fort saw the death of 3 of its heroic defenders. A pair from the Kor tribe and Talia met their end when fire rained down from the sky in the room which they were sleeping. Kel, The Haran of the Telefret, was fortunately saved due to the magic protecting her and the foresight to rest wearing her armour.

The guards and heroes defended the walls until it was late, here the Master, host of Doki, was slain. At some point the decorated Hero, Aquilla, appeared and assisted in the forts defences, as the tales go he danced around his attackers, ne’er being struck and during the calmer moments spoke to the empty sky, announcing that he and everyone else, were being watched over by Kalist. A benevolent gesture, yet too late in coming for four of our Heroes.

Sure enough it was a late hour when Kan Slarr, God of the Hopewastes, came to visit. He relayed much information, informing the heroes what they were against and gave them veiled hints to achieve their goals. At the end of the conversation he spoke words of power and caused the area to be protected from all but the most powerful of foes. They were safe until the morning.

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Re: The Seige Of Varya

Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:06 pm

Day Two of The Siege Of Varya

As the dawn was rising within the living world the heroes were rising within the dead lands. An early attack had shown Kan Slarrs’ defences to be down, and so the fighting was on.

Talia, taught the bardic lore, was still able to do anything she pleased; even dead within the land of the dead she was capable of nigh on anything. So she used the lore and the power which the Hopewastes ceded her, choosing to intervene in her own death some ten hours previous to halt such a thing.

This intercession obviously had consequences, causing not only a small number of demons to be summoned but also bringing the troubles which would hound them later, upon their return. For messing with time always has far reaching penalties.

The time came and the colour of the world washed away the drab echoes and memories of colour which held the Hopewastes together. The Kor tribe had lost two of its people, and their corpses had remained within the desolate lands.

Varya, the fortress built to withstand the undead and protect its people, had fared badly with the loss of the heroes. Hundreds were dead, buildings once rife with life had become hollow burnt out shells.

The smell of burnt and dead flesh assailed the senses of the returning heroes, dismay surging through them, where the guards had been no one knew. Yet, even though not hired to protect the city, the Grey Robes who enforce the law with powers of the mind approached and lay the blame at the feet of the heroes. Yet despite the cold accusations from the survivors one peasant known as Sammeth came to the fore and willingly took up the blade of the Celestial Emperor, joining the cause to save what was left of his home… for his family were already dead.

Where had they been? They had asked. Why had they abandoned the city when they were needed? They were questioned.

Answers were gleaned from the minds of the Heroes, painful and demanding. This was the Grey Robes answer to gain the truth; they asked the questions and tore the responses from the minds of their victims.

They were not happy with many of the replies they had, however they were acceptable from most people. From the mind of one Oso Roshi they gleaned that she had conspired with the undead before arriving in Varya, and that she had asked one of the Generals of the besieging army to aid her in raising something. They dragged her away, and anyone who stood in the way was mentally assaulted.

Granasil, one of the fabled names which has been whispered throughout the known world. A man of many talents who can, it seems, get his patrons anything they wish. A ritual to protect Varya, holding the undead out, whilst the Heroes battle it out in the Hopewastes was called for.
A call which he was able to grant, a simple thing requiring the blood of a Ritualist who had taken part in dispossessing the heroes to another plane, and the pure essence of Varya.

During the heroes time with Granasil, Dreth’Kar had visited with the Lord General Xanus, seeking payment terms in return for protecting the city. However Xanus is not the leader of that city for nothing. He bargained with the shirakin, promising payment for the heroes and payment for Granasil, in return the heroes would need to venture forth and gather a rare plant which grew deep in caves to the south of the fort, for without such an ingredient the general’s son would die from some ailment which had been inflicted upon him.

Attacked! The fort was under attack once more, this time it seemed the undead forces came with a hopeslayer. It could only be assumed that the necromancer aimed to gain some knowledge as to who remained after their first night in the Hopewastes. His reconnaissance mission would go forever unreported however. Once many of the undead were dead the mighty Seeker of the Sentinels vaulted over the walls of the fort, flamboyantly flipping in mid air and landed badly next to the startled human. It goes without saying that the primate vanquished his foe, despite his shattered ankle.

And so, the heroes gathered and whilst they gathered an orb of magic was sent in to the fort. Supposedly a distraction which caused havoc with the magic of the Heroes either by removing spells or adding its own. That is until Solace came in to contact with it. Here it attached itself and as he was resistant to its effects attempted to drag him around, due to his instability with magic the orb began to cause Solace to revert to crazy… the time with the orb would be interesting for him, and everyone else.

Eventually the orb released and the heroes began to ready themselves once more. However as the orb was now firmly attached to the Ritual Circle it began to absorb magic at huge rates, unconcerned with such some of the Heroes left the fort, their target was the plant to save Xanus’ son.

After a journey which many considered dull and nothing more than hacking away at rotting corpses to reach their goal the brave heroes made it to a cave. Inside was a large skeleton creature which a crack team assaulted and after a long fight where it managed to break out of a petrification, even after being attacked with earth magic, the creature fell. No wonder nothing else had remained in the area, the skeleton was something which even the dead would fear if they weren’t controlled.

Back at the fort they assembled once more, the orb still within the Ritual Circle, pulsing with power. Whilst the Heroes had been gathering the herb a young woman had approached some of the others and asked for protection from an assassin, sent by her own grandchildren. They agreed to protect her and she would accompany them until the assassin had been killed, providing her safety.

The Orb had being to pulsate more and more and the heroes learnt what was happening when it began to rain pure magic down upon the fort, those with little sense went to investigate and were quickly harmed, whilst most of them stood outside the wall, ready to move on and gather the Essence of Varya.

Moving from the fort the heroes made slow progress, the assassin quickly caught his target, yet the Heroes had interceded and stopped fate still. A potion to remove poisons was administered and yet did nothing to purge the hardened stuff. Magic was used to halt the damage and undo the cause, yet nothing seemed to work. The woman, of the Judd family, was dying.

Talia, the newly alive again Bard who had remained within the fort quickly caught up and explained that the orb that was within the ritual circle had grown, there were now three. Here the heroes split their paths, some going to find the essence, some remaining and trying to help the poisoned woman and two bards, returning to the fort to try and stop the orbs.

Upon their return to the fort the ritual circle had begun to glow and lines of power were webbing over the centre of the circle. Acting with haste candles and incense were lit, eight representing the Absolute and Classic Elements and a further two more for the Meta and Null magic that oversee them all.

In a short time the web had segregated the circle into twenty segments; between the two bards a plan was devised. Two segments per element, to bring Null into balance within Velmaneth and to expel the orb.

A ritual had begun, and with its end the magic had flown from the circle and began to dig towards the jewel, many of the rocks and roots in the way being expulsed to the Void. What had they done? Between the two bards they panicked and wondered what would happen…

Else where Grandma Judd had died and the group which felt bound to aid her caught the others up, she would be cremated later when they had chance to mourn. As they found where the Essence was kept they fought through and only a peasant could enter the area, Sammeth entered the cave and retrieved the essence and upon his emergence he arrived back within the fort at the shrine of Varya.

Within the fort he, along with Solace, began a rite to Varya to destroy the hidden shrine of Annihilation. After attempting to strike it with his blade a voice laughed, stating that he would not be able to break the protections. With the blood of a Null Elf anointing his blade the next strike broke through the wardings and shattered the shrine.

Annihilation was completely freed, his power and body able to combine so he could rain down true annihilation upon the realm of Gweria. Sammeth and Solace endured pain and torment and cries of surety and protection whilst within the Shrine.

Outside the shrine Annihilation ran, prior to destroying the fort he saw an opportunity in the new Well which was digging. Down the well he went, there he would have ultimate power and nothing would stop him. It gave the Heroes an extra day to find a way to stop him.

As the others returned to the fort they were informed of what happened, the bowl of blood found within the hidden shrine of Annihilation was cleansed and used to re-anoint the priesthood of Varya, ensuring their dedication and prayers went to the correct God.

Trouble seems to follow those imbued with essence; a group of High Elves entered the fort and sought out the champions of Varya. They were hiring, a task of carrying a vial of Velnashar’s blood into the Hopewastes and delivering the container to a group which would collect it. Many refused, even the Knight of Firin said he had rejected the offer, as it turns out he had taken the vial with a promise of delivery.

A short whilst later the heroes once more ventured forth, this time their goal was the blood of a Ritualist. After an uneventful journey he was found, judged and killed. A vial of his blood collected, many of the heroes returned to the fort.

At the disused portcullis, a symbol of protection, the ritual was to take place. As a contingent of heroes went out to take the ritual components and ensure the ritual was enacted in safety a Gloom was found guarding the area. Unlike the minor glooms which had (and would continue to) attack throughout the siege this one was there with a purpose, to stop the Ritual of Protection, ensuring that Annihilation would carry a victory and ensure the House of Heroes was destroyed.

The fight inevitably broke out, the rift dagger coming to the fore and was used by heroes until they fell to the floor. Once a hero had fallen another would take up the deadly dagger and use it with vigour until it was time to pass it to another. Slowly the five heroes that had left and not expected such a defence on the area were all on the verge of death; reinforcements had arrived just in time. However the knights that saved the day found the use of a dagger dishonourable. What is more dishonourable? To watch your comrades die, or to break the rules of honour and save lives?

Luckily for the fallen they were saved, and the gloom vanquished. The bravery of a mortal not encased in armour with a small dagger attacking a creature such as a Gloom deserves great tributes.

Dreth’Kar, Sammeth and Solace moved to complete the Ritual of Protection, enacting such a blessing would ensure the city was safe from the undead hordes whilst they transferred to the Hopewastes.
The sun was setting, the ritualists had not yet returned, the protection would keep out most things, what it would not keep out the heroes that were still within the fort were about to find out… Annihilation had arrived, again he came to cause havoc and destroy the hope of the heroes. As it happens he did in fact destroy the hope of one hero, Marcus Constantine, blessed with a holy hammer from his Goddess, the Lady Hope. Marcus’ stood and kept Annihilation from killing any of his companions, yet in doing so the hammer was sundered in to a thousand shards, those shards broke in to a million pieces, and those pieces scattered on the wind.

Once more the sun had moved below the horizon, causing the Ritual of Eternal Night to trigger again. Once they appeared within the land of the dead the seemingly invincible general attacked, leaving the force of the Heroes damaged and devastated, they slowly recovered and whilst recovering Kan Slarr visited informing them that what would occur needed to happen to try and right the damaged times, then he apologised for what was to come he could not stop.

Monkey Lan Panama and Doki Rinsei stood at the fire, tears streaming down their faces as they saw to the remains of the matriarch of the Judd family. The pyre was built, stuffed with incense to hide the smell of burning flesh, and during their mourning they were interrupted thrice by denizens of the land of the dead. The unparalleled calm anger which displayed itself was used to vanquish the foes each time, for this pair wished to see her sent on to the next life.

And whilst Kan Slarr spoke he deceptive High Elves came once more, this time led by a man known only as Lord Lihtare. As the Knight promised he passed the blood of the Sun God over and before any questions could be asked they had left. Another surprise was that Oso Roshi had returned to join them, she insisted she was not dead and that she had walked out of the Grey Robes prison, unharmed.

Throughout that night the heroes relived events of the past that had occurred, the elven armies attacking Pathway, the fall of Dvarni, the Earth Elves marching to war. As the first event replayed no one could interact with the originators, however as time moved on the events slowly harmed the heroes.

A warning was given, that interaction and trying to change the event would have huge impacts upon everything. Most followed the warning, some chose to ignore it and preached their Gods name to those in the past events, or spoke with them and sought friendship.

The culmination of the evening was Narturlin’s Destruction. Once more Talia reached forth her Bardic power, even after speaking so to Solace about not using such a thing, and moved all of the Heroes within range of the blast and attempted to protect them. Solace, being of his right mind, stopped Talia’s barrier, for everyone knows that those that were within the blast radius of Narturlin was killed… if they survived the world would change again.

And so the echo of the past exploded, the blast swept over the party and they were left unharmed. What came next no one had expected. Kan Slarr, the mighty God of the Hopewastes, the First Vampire in all of creation, feared beyond anything by many, was fleeing through the fort screaming.

What followed him was an unknown to everyone who was present; it seems that only the Gods and some of the Sentinels know what these creatures are. Everyone followed the Gods example and fled, into the House of Heroes. There the three creatures entered and spoke solemn words which caused shivers to go down the spines of everyone who heard it. “This One We Will Keep”.

Keep? Keep what? Panic arose and the heroes assumed one of their numbers had been taken and would be ‘kept’. It turned out that no one was missing, and from a meeting where questions were asked of the higher powers everyone discovered things which they would rather not have. The Yeetas were the creatures that had ‘kept’ the present time, the echoes from the past arose due to interference of the timelines and Lord Lithare was in fact Erathil. The Well that had begun to be dug would be complete by the morning and the mist would begin to envelope Varya.

They also discovered that there was a need for a small group of them to head into the Void to find information on dealing with the most powerful General. The more that travelled there, the harsher the place would fight the intrusion.

Despite exhaustion sleep did not come easy to some of the heroes that night. In a minor skirmish late in the evening Sammeth, the peasant who aided Varya in breaking the shrine of Annihilation, was killed.

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Re: The Seige Of Varya

Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:07 pm

Day Three of The Seige Of Varya

Morning came, and with that coming the senses of the heroes were touched by the light and smells of the living world. The mist had begun to seep out of the Well shortly before their return, Dreth’Kar, using his exceptional magic, made a plug out of a tree trunk and petrified it before blocking the Well with its presence, the excess magic mist he blew away with his magic.

The grey robes had come once more, as they promised, this time it was the elders who had come to judge the Heroes actions. Tempers rose in storms and The Anointed One’s voice leapt out in anger, verbally accusing the Grey Robes of not helping protect the city, when in fact they were regulating the protectors to ensure it was safe from itself.

Some few chose to disassociate from the angry lizard, watching as he grabbed at his dagger, asking to be judged separately from him. As it turns out they were to be judged on their own merits and downfalls in the defence of the city. All of them were accused of not apprehending the fugitive known as Oso Roshi, few spoke up saying that they were not aware she was a fugitive.

She had after all told them her story… as it were. After being dragged from the city unconscious she had found herself in the den of the Psycomancers, a captive waiting for who knows what. The next thing she recalled was that the door was unlocked and she was free to walk out of the cell.

Her story was relayed and the painful mind probes confirmed that the heroes knew no more, they were innocent of letting her run free as they didn’t know she had escaped. Thus some few were charged with bringing her back should she be seen again.

Still the Anointed One ranted at one of the Elders, accusing them of raping people’s minds and the dagger swinging wildly. As he attacked them, they attacked him, Dreth’Kar’s mind exploded in pain. An intervention came and they came to an agreement, he would aid the city and never return.

As the sun continued its journey over the land the Sorcerer returned, Granasil had information for them on how to halt their return to the Hopewastes. They would need the blood of a God and the blood of a progenitor of a mortal race. In doing so they would raise Annihilation to become a full divine being and therefore inflict the rules of the pantheon upon him.

They had both already, the blood of Varya which had been used to anoint his priests ensuring they followed the rightful protector, and they had not only the first Null Elf but the first Monkeyman… all three however were not suitable for the ritual. It seemed that both needed components were where they no longer wished to go. It would be a simple case of waiting until the evening and returning the plane where all mortal souls can be found.

Throughout the day they sought more essence of Varya and another of the Ritualists for his blood. As Sammeth had passed on, the requirement for a peasant was lacking, recruited from the city another was found, some of the heroes took him and in front of the entrance was now a field of fire traps.

After navigating the traps Dreth’Kar waited for the peasant to enter the shrine, and upon touching the statue of Varya he was filled with Annihilations power and he disintegrated, this left the heroes in a state of worry, for the peasant believed that he followed the true Varya, the God of Protection. His faith had been twisted and it had cost his life whilst trying to aid the Champions of Varya.

As the Knights of the Orders, Hope and Mektar said final words for the lost soul the Anointed One, the heroic Ritualist and the currently sane Bard travelled on, seeking to sneak upon a Ritualist of The Eternal Night, stealth would aid them more than force for this particular task. So the three intrepid mortals moved through the under growth of the forest, coming upon the shrine where two Hopeslayers resided.

Within the shrine faint voices could be heard, the three outside quickly conferred and a plan was concocted, in short order the two necromancers were paralysed and then petrified. The one needed that would help raise the protection was separated. The other and the remnants of the shrine were taken to the Fire Trap field where both, after the petrification was removed, were thrown in. Flames roared high up the cliffs on both sides of the area, heat rolled over everyone nearby causing the heroes to sweat in moments, and as another wave rolled over them it dried them out.

Whilst some of the heroes stood and acquired the components to keep the city safe, another contingent had made its way into the Void. A place of nothing. Dark and foreboding. A place that most assume has no ground, no atmosphere, no population, they’d be wrong. For from that nothing came everything, it is nothing and everything at the same time. Just as Anti Magic is Magic. The Void is a paradox, which is why any who are sent there by magic means return confused, how can a place that should have no magic be assessable by magic? A complete inconsistency to the nature of the world as it is known.

What happened to the valiant heroes who braved the Void? Demonic creatures assaulted them; creatures which have no place and belong everywhere attacked them as they sought to remove something which had been there forever and never.

Arthur, brave Knight of Firin, who had compiled several pages of the fabled Book of the Dead within his own mind finally found the page that existed nowhere. With that page and the others he had already he alone had the knowledge of how to defeat the General, his insurmountable power was too much for a hundred heroes, and with this knowledge he would fall to a handful.

Before another peasant was recruited the fort was assaulted by more undead creatures, led by The Mouth of Annihilation. The battle was fierce, with many of the heroes being taken out of action. Yet the blade which would cut in to such a creature was passed around and eventually he faded from the fort once more. Realising that they would be attacked time and time again, slowly breaking their will and reducing their power they took a peon in to the wilds and retrieved the needed reagent. The ritual was enacted once more, with Warryn standing guard to keep the masses of undead away from the area. In Sammeths place stood Flynn, the ritual was completed with alacrity and dedication before the hordes overwhelmed the mighty Diamond Elf.

Upon their return to the fort they gathered and begun to plan for the generals’ defeat, safely behind the protected walls they prepared for his confrontation. With nary ten minutes to spare Annihilation came to visit the fort. His appearance caused the heroes to scatter, insults flung toward the walking God in efforts to distract him and keep the god chasing them.

He rarely left the confines of the fort, with one of his excursions the heroes almost fooled him and got him to enter the nearby shed, the heroes jumped over the trench surrounding the fort in another attempt to halt the walking gods’ destructive rampage.

They ran, they dodged and they evaded, yet some chose to stand in the way choosing more honourable ways to distract and keep their companions safe. Weapons, shields and limbs were removed from existence.

And so, as with the previous evenings, the sun had set. This time, however, moving to the Hope Wastes was welcomed as Annihilation could not follow them; Marcus had fallen to Annihilations power in defence of the others, as all good Knights do.

Upon their arrival the Yeetas met them, three who walked toward the Heroes and attempted to destroy their very existence. Between them the Heroes split the triad of hostile beings, scattering to the four corners of the fort.

One was surrounded by half a dozen heroes who could not harm such a creature. Another stood on the hillside with the Null Elf watching the fort as he slowly convinced it to be a Yeeta instead of a Yeetas. The third stood within the fort and reached over to grasp the neck of Dreth’Kar.

That was his final living moment. That was the moment when the Yeetas removed him from existence, the moment when the Path had almost been ended completely. This was the end of The Anointed One of The Sentinels of the First Age.

As Dreth’Kar, The Anointed One of The Sentinels of the Cosmic Path, passed from the mortal world The Path passed on its crown to Monkey Lan Panama, formerly The Seeker.

As the heroes recovered from their ordeal a purple demon entered the fort, dubious but seeing that he had no evil intent toward them they spoke, he gave them information regarding the first blood of a race. The nearest they knew of was Terandrill Coshwood, an air elf who had been killed, raised as a vampire and was once more dead. Warryn would say he deserved it for being what he was, even if it was his brother.

Whilst some of the heroes toyed with the undead Coshwood, Shifty, whose name should have raised concern on its own, teleported away with Oso Roshi. The claim was that she was going to gain power, she happily left her companions, those that had helped keep her alive, those that worked together to keep each other alive, to whatever the night would bring.

With a stake that was taken from a trader in Varya he was stabbed, this stake brought life to any undead creature that was willing. A cost was involved to the one who staked the dead creature. Marcus’ spirit chose this burden and so Terandrill Coshwood was once more alive, or at least he was no longer a vampire, he was still dead… just not undead. That was the first part of the final ritual; success was coming closer, as was the General of Annihilation.

Within the Hopewastes the newly proclaimed leader of The Sentinels met one of the toughest challenges the Path would lay before him, see the death of many other Heroes and then Velmaneth or call upon the Path to aid him… his payment? His life.

As everyone knows The Sentinels are chosen to help defend the world of Velmaneth, to lead the world to its destiny. Therefore as hordes of undead stormed the gates of the fort which housed the Heroes, Monkey was imbued with power of all previous Anointed Ones.

The power of Laythander, Eremines’ First High Priest, Jasdu, her successor and The End, Adreana of the Air Elves, Lophiatus the second son of a mighty power, Kalist Silverfire the Hopebringer and Dreth’Kar the Balancer had permeated the Monkey. Unstoppable in his might, without the Sentinels the Heroes would have fallen and darkness taken over Varya.

The fight would last long in to the night, with nigh on infinite power The Anointed One showed the forces of death what it was to be a true Sentinel. What it was that others before him had done and would continue to do.

As the General and his vassals of power entered the fort Monkey jumped into action, calling on the power from the past he protected the Heroes who would fight so valiantly against the evil. His staff a blur in the night it struck creatures, shattering the weaker ones in a single blow.

The armour of the Knights rebounded with brief words of power from the Haran of the Telefret, ensuring their lives would not be given up. The fallen were administered restorative magic from the powerful Shaman of the Tribes, keeping the wounded on the better side of life.

As the Vassals of Power begun to fall the General gained in strength, one such Vassal exploded in such power that the heavens opened and lightening of such quantity rained from the skies, never before had such an event occurred where so much would come, the might of Gerethanax rose his head and using the power from the earth channelled the lightening to him.

Bolts of static struck the brave diamond elf again and again in such succession that no one doubted his bravery to accept such punishment, from a variety of places the Heroes banded together, protections flew around the Paladin, giving him vital seconds to call upon his Lords might for more protection.
And still the battles raged, The Celestial Emperors Sword cut through the waves of walking dead, his Host, the dutiful Celebrant of Lenamo accepting that the sword was his survival at this moment. The peasant charging down and bravely facing off a Hopeslayer who controlled the dead, and using a borrowed blade cutting through his defences straight to his very soul.

The Vassals of Power destroyed, the General once more unstoppable with the power at his finger tips saw the battle reach new heights. Three rings taken from the three Vassals were brought to the Ritual Circle. There the creature born of the Anti Magic that dwelled within the Hopewastes’ Jewel begun the rite to see the destruction of the rings, for with their ending the General could not channel his power and his death would be final.

So the magic gathered, turning the circle into a hurricane of power which swept away the more conventional magics, as the circle began to glow and the time was right Leofric, guided by Solace, struck the rings.

As the rings were shattered the General also shattered and his forces fell the power waned, it was then that Kan Slarr arrived. Angry at the intrusion of the evil into his realm and pleased that there were some fighting it he spoke at length to the Heroes… until The Path claimed the life of its newly appointed leader in payment.

Here, Kan Slarr proved his compassion for those who defended his realm and not only destroyed his staff but gave his life to ensure that Monkey, The Anointed One of The Sentinels of the Cosmic Path, would not be dead and allow him to continue the fight to remove those who did this to both lands.

With such a sacrifice often comes great clarity. The Monkey had been touched by the minds and power of all the previous Anointed Ones, he had seen where the Path had been. He saw its end come close on numerous occasions, yet it was always saved, always had a Sentinel there to halt the End.

With such an insight he knew a change to the order would come, one that would ensure the strength of the world once more.

As Monkey Lan Panama was revived from death, as were The Sentinels. As Monkey Lan Panama awoke to look at the world with new perspective, so did The Sentinels.

Dreth’Kar was the last of The Anointed Ones of The Sentinels of The First Age. Monkey Lan Panama steps forward and leads them into their Second Age.

Yet Kan Slarr was not quite dead, the heroes carried him into the Ritual Circle and spoke their words, the first Vampires last send off. As the words came to a close the participants were ready to scatter him to the four winds, this part he didn’t agree with and the God of the deadlands sat up and told them he was fine. The real sacrifice had been his staff; a great artefact of power, the backlash had caused him to collapse, nothing more.

He thanked the heroes, several of them offered him their blood in thanks for saving their companions, others asked for favours. He granted one such to Marcus of Hope, allowing him to return to the living lands to ensure the completion of their plan against Annihilation.

As he was a God and he knew of what they required he gifted them with some of his blood. The second and final part needed to stop Annihilation. Smiling Kan Slarr moved to leave the fort; his last words were heard by few… “I’ll see you tomorrow, at about midday.” Curiously they had no intention in returning, so they knew when the final confrontation would occur, and when they needed to have the ritual ready for.

Mungo, the mighty shaman, the last of his tribe, could feel that something bad was in the air still. Something which disturbed the spirits of even this land. Flynn, his more educated side communicated with the heroes and they moved out, a ritual of magnificent power was in progress. The heroes snuck to the edges, seeing nothing but a black barrier around the ritual circle they could do little else but listen. And listen they did, Shifty spoke and summoned a being in to the world, one which was ancient and should not have been, it seems that as the heroes could not see in those within could not see out.

After the one known as Oso Roshi proclaimed to give her soul to the demon, and that she would devour innocent souls for her new master the heroes moved to break in to the circle. Unable to do so Kel, Haran of the Telerfret, proclaimed that Oso was no longer part of her tribe.

Outcast and alone the demonic children stood within the sanctuary of their circle, the heroes quick to realise they could not break in left, leaving a watcher. Leofric, one devoid of essence stayed and watched, as he had no power they would not sense him. Upon his return he reported that after the demon had cursed them to the high heavens and teleported away with his newly acquired ‘pet’.

Incensed the heroes gathered the trappings to summon the traitorous Oso Roshi. They had a circle, they decorated it with candles. They had her true name, they needed to sacrifice something, and preferably something that was hers… and if they new her current location they would be successful without a doubt.

As luck would have it she had left her clothing and bedding, hair was found and confirmed as hers by scent and from asking higher powers. Many objected to summoning a demon, and arguments were made as to why they should summon her. The Anointed One, still exhausted from his ordeal, argued for talking to her first. As they asked the higher powers to gift their answer as to where she was they received a dark response, she was nearby feasting on an innocent.

Enraged the heroes took up their arms, Doki Rinsei aiming to protect the lives of the innocent, Marcus Constantine seeking the end of another demon, Solace seeking the end of an injustice, Serus Flynn leading the ritual as was his place and Warryn Mason, their unassailable rock.

She appeared when they called, she couldn’t resist, the power they had used was more than she could resist. At her arrival Doki shot out of his sheath and stunned the unaware woman, Marcus ascertained what she was and proclaimed her demon spawn. Her death was quick, judged as an enemy of the living.

That, however, wasn’t the end. The demon which had taken residence had lost its host, it came out of the human, claws swinging for throats and seeking blood in retaliation for the loss of its latest tool. Yet those within the circle acted swiftly and the demon had not expected such force to be used against it. Screaming in pain it attacked, it had no way to leave the circle without the death of those within, so it continued its relentless and pitiful attacks until it had fallen beneath the blades too.

The final day of the siege would be trying… Annihilation would not want to be bound to the rules of the Pantheon. In safety for another night they rested. With dreams of survival and death following them all night.


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Re: The Seige Of Varya

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The End of The Seige

Upon Velmaneth the moons slowly faded away, the flame of Valnashar sought out the land once more and Asternia protected it from the wrath, as she has done for eons. Another day had dawned, a day where fate and chance would decide who would be successful and who would return to the Hopewastes.

The heroes had returned to a warm sunny day, it didn’t feel quite right that in the bright cheerful sunlight they would have their final confrontation with the darkest side of the Protection God. Surely it should have been raining, with thunder and lightening echoing throughout the fort… but perhaps that could not happen whilst Eremethal renewed his acquaintance with Lemrah.

Within the fort the heroes stood, discussing the ritual and what would come of it. Perhaps they should have been more aware, they had, after all, not yet stopped the undead forces that were coming toward them. Within Varyas Shrine stood the Null Elf, eating trifle to appease the God of Protection, as the bowl emptied words filled the elves head. “Ascend him and he becomes someone else’s problem or turn his weapons against him.”

Bursting through one of the gates came The Mouth of Annihilation, what can be assumed was his last remaining general, it was an angry creature who sought to consume the souls of those it killed. Each of his blows savaging the mortal it struck, body and soul. However as everyone was complacent the blood mage sat and attempted to undo a mistake which the heroes had made, they had mixed the blood of Kan Slarr and the air Coshwood, placing both within the same chalice.

Solace called the diamond elf as he caused his blade to sail through the air, Warryn took the blade and a determined stance just as The Mouth reached him. The fight was brutal, all of the heroes aimed to distract, parry or simply take blows meant for the mighty Paladin of Gerethanax.

Gii, the third host of Doki Rinsei, Kel, Haran of the Telefret, Mungo the Shaman of his tribe stood back, each time Warryn was assaulted magic was sent forth from the trio, healing his physical wounds, repairing his empowered armour, restoring his soul.

The fight continued, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen… everyone was tiring and yet The Mouth and the Paladin continued. Roars of anger encased both of them until finally the mortal blade of the Earth God snapped and proceeded bash the abomination into the ritual circle.

Taking advantage of this turn of events several heroes rushed in, Warryn the stout warrior sat astride The Mouth, continuing his punishing blows, Monkey Lan Panama turned the creature’s weapon against it and struck him with it. Mungo relinquished control to his ritualistic partner and he and Solace began a chant, turning the power of the circle to their advantage. During this Azeal had been successful, the blood mother had aided him and the two bloods were once more split.

Most rituals require preparation, yet within the open circle the duo stood chanting for the end to this creature which ravaged souls as the sea ravages the coastlines. In a short time The Mouth screamed, and with a combination of the ritual magic and the soul rending blows he exploded, tearing into the souls of all within the circle, leaving some unconscious. Now they had one more thing to deal with.

Repeating the words that Varya had spoken Kel asked sought insight from Yashmanar regarding the problem they now had. Kel spoke out saying that her God looked confused and left quickly after she had explained what Varya had told them… it seemed that the Gods had their own secrets which they were not sharing with each other.

After much pondering they gathered within the fort, Solace had agreed to do the ritual, many others stood against it. Here the anti-magic elf sat and argued with each person, some said their God would be against them ascending such a being, they were asked to commune with their lord and find another answer, everyone ended up agreeing that they would help.

Once more Yashmanar intervened and gave his sage like advice, some should take part in the ritual, everyone else would be needed to stand and delay Annihilation so he could not prevent the circles goings on. Once they had begun the ritual it would take a life of its own, not ending until it wanted to end.

So they made plans, in the end five stood within the circle. Azeal, blood mage of Mamazumo, Solace he who alleviated magic, Flynn their anchor in rituals, Kel who held the knowledge they would need and Doki Rinsei, for Gii could use no other weapon and would not allow Lenamo's blade to be broken.

Within the circle they raised their own circle, one to give them some defence in keeping out their expected attack. The voices rose as they called out to Annihilation, forcing him to enter the pantheon against his will.

Annihilation appeared in the fort, screaming in rage, his sword nothing more than a blur in practiced hands, striking out at all nearby. SHIELD had arranged a defence, and that defence was superior to any that would ever be seen. As the enraged godling unleashed weapons vanished to nothingness, shields dispersed out of existence and limbs were never seen again.

The distraction was well drawn out, scores of blades had been used to keep blows from people. Brave brave Sir Arthur took a blow to his chest, his limbs and head rattled off in various directions and the defenders were slowly running out of things to use.

The ritual was in full force, names invoked to bring power and aid, the blood was mixed and the four chanted, forcing Annihilation to be taken into the Pantheon, to subject him to rules, to constrict his power.

As the defence weakened Annihilation moved toward the circle of people and with but two blows shattered the circle of power raised to give the heroes a slight chance. He stormed the circle, the mixed blood was taken up by Azeal and kept in reserve, the chanting continued as they surrounded him, weakening him.

Yet still he fought, striking out at the ritual circle, aiming pathetic blows which a three year old Larkant was taught to defend. Slowly he was caught in the centre, surrounded by chants and the remaining weapons. The blood mage Azeal stood and poured the combined blood of Kan Slarr and Terandrill over him, splashing everyone nearby and causing agonising screams to erupt from Varya’s dark side.

Then everything seemed to slow down, a light from the heavens had shone into the area and out of it stepped the God of Protection. He embraced his dark desires and accepted him in to the Pantheon, in an effort to avoid the displeasure of the new ruler of the Gods both aspects of Varya left.

And so ends the tale of the Siege. A legend where Varya both attacked and defended the one place he kept safe in his actual life time. A tale of betrayal and a story of valiant sacrifices for the greater good… mostly.


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