Heart of Pargon Policies

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Heart of Pargon Policies

Postby Will » Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:16 pm

All members of Heart of Pargon are expected to abide by the following whilst attending events organised by the club:

1. Substances: Any illegal use of substances is strictly forbidden at all times. This includes the following:

- Smoking and/or drinking underage
- Use of illegal drugs
- Smoking indoors

Disregard for this will automatically result in being removed from the event, and possible banning/suspension from the club at the system managers discretion. No refunds will be issued.

2. If you have put yourself in a position where it would be illegal for you to drive due to substances, then you will be taken out of any fighting. If you are in this state and end up in a fight anyway, you must automatically concede to the point where you are unconscious on the floor. If you are intoxicated to the point where you are adversley affecting the game for others, then you will be removed from the game.

3. All club members are expected to show respect and consideration to each other and the club at all times. Disregard to this can lead to warnings, removal from events and in extreme cases, banning from the club. No refunds will be issued.
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