The Ruined Boltab Groves

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The Ruined Boltab Groves

Postby bedevere » Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:18 pm

*As night began to approach, Nathaniel reached where the ashes of the Boltab groves were. Looking across the area, he sighed, and sat down. Taking many bottles out of his bag, he began mixing things together. After a while, he realised it was totally dark, but he had finished what his work. Taking a single leaf out of a pouch in his bag, he poked his finger into the ground, and placed the leaf into it. Pouring the liquid he had just made over the leaf, he then covers it over with a mixture of earth and ashes, before turning towards Narturlin*

Good luck, my last leaf. I'll be back to see if you grow as soon as I can...

*With that, Nathaniel carries on towards Narturlin, to see what he finds.*
So then he goes, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, and I say "I've got WINGS? I can FLY?" It was hilarious! The dwarf was tough, but the elf was delicious and they had some men and these four bite-sized guys, too. The wizard was fuming when I flew off.

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Re: The Ruined Boltab Groves

Postby Will » Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:28 pm

**The ground breaks apart and a single silver shoot pushes through the earth**
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