In a slightly wooded area

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Re: In a slightly wooded area

Postby arkaus » Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:56 am

*the figure move slightly in front of the group but close enough to her whispers*

"i would recommend we make it to pathway the fastest route she wont survive much more temporary healing"
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Re: In a slightly wooded area

Postby Gumboots » Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:05 pm

*Kriska starts to look better within a short time, she has more colour on her and one of her sleves seems to have stopped gaining more moisture. She rests in Aratains arms for a while then slowly she seems to be more alert, looking around the area and at the different things. She looks at herself and then places a hand on her chest.*

"Celestial Dragon, let me know the damage that is within me let me know what is going on? Diagnosis."

*Within moments she smiles a little and looks up to Aratain.*

"I am much better thank you, but the core problem is still there, you could help these people. If I gain 8 hours rest I will be able to help you through the knights. I do not have much left in me but I can give you some. Aratain are you willing to help people? Help the people that you are hungry for? Will you be able to do this work?"

*She is looking up at him hopefully.*
*Kriska Neptune Molignue, bonded and Dead*

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