The Experiments of a Madman!!

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The Experiments of a Madman!!

Postby quillkeeper » Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:46 am

*After the disaster caused by his attempts in Narturlin Rath returned to where he had pledged himself to Onlurin. He needed time to think, to get his thoughts in order. This is no easy task when the answers to every questions run randomly through you mind like uninvited guests, so unsurprisingly this took time. His eyes had dark rings around them and his shoes had no soles from the amount of pacing he had done, it was easier to thin whilst walking, that gave him something to focus on. Despite his tabard somehow remaining unstained he was filthy with ash and dirt, and the hagard look on his face made him look every inch the madman... He smiled at the irony.*

*Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks. He had an answer, or an idea, these days he struggled to tell the difference. Was it an idea? Was it an answer? Or was it an idea that answered the question? More importantly what was the question? He had a rush of answers and screamed before beginning his pacing again. Once his focus returned he tried to refrain from asking anymore questions and focused on the idea. Yes it was beginning to come clear now. It would do nicely, it might not work but it would be better from going mad here... well madder any way!*

*He thought about what he would need for his idea, making a list somewhere in the labyrinth that was his mind. Soon he had an idea of what was needed, for the most part that was specific spell knowledge. He wondered how long that would take to occur naturally. Seven days. Bugger! Would beer help that? Yes! By passing the time? Yes! Where could he get free beer at this time? Dvarni! A few seconds he was stood in a deserted tavern his mouth under an open tap. A hour later the tap was closed and he was snoring surrounded by a powerful ward. And so the next few days past.*

*On the seventh day he woke with a headache. Was that from the beer or had he been asking questions in his sleep? Both! He cursed his mind. He had lost track of time was this the right day? Yes! Where would he need to go to conduct his experiment? Ah. He set off.*

*Later he stood in the trail of a wagon looking at the body of a human, beasts had been feasting on the carrion, and now they too were dead by its side.Was this the discarded body of a "survivor" of Narturlin? Yes! Did he have power? No! Was there their power lingering over him? Yes! Rath knelt down placing his hands on the body. He looked around and saw another. Too close, he hauled the body onto his shoulder and stood walking about half a mile away from the wagon's trail. He started again, dumping the body unceremoniously on the ground. He walked around it incanting.*

"Onlurin! Hear the words of your servant and bless me with your grace. I invoke you in the name of great magic and bring you gift to bear. I summon the power from the jewel to which you aligned yourself too and I call the air to obey my beck and call! Come forth to me! Block the passage of creatures through this place. By the gifts bestowed on the Blessed on Onlurin I cast on this place WARD!"

*Satisfied he knelt once again by the body, and followed with two more incantations, once for Fire Immunity and once for Shadow immunity. He then linked with the power surrounding the body and once again trying duplicate the feat he attempted in Narturlin. Only this time he knew a little more. Rather than bringing it into himself he extended himself into it and attempted to forsake the spheres of fire and shadow surrounding the body in exchange for life.*

*All the while he prayed!*

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Re: The Experiments of a Madman!!

Postby dainul » Thu Jan 31, 2008 8:09 pm

As Rath extends his presence into the magic surrounding him, he catches a scent of the crackling of a fire and picks up undulating shadows on the edge of his hearing. As he forsakes aspects of his magic, he sees a whiff of brimstone out of the corner of his eye and as the effect concludes he can taste an inhuman wail on his tongue. For a moment he can imagine a lumbering beast, all swirling cloak (or are they wings?), and burning eyes or possibly mouths. A minute tear in its wings... yes, that's a wing at least, lets a bright light shine through, and the creature is starting to look for the source of the irritation. And then the vision is gone.

Before him, the body Rath had selected is lying as it was. The world around him seems to have singularly failed to notice the monster inside his head. Exampining the magic before him, the Ward seems to be trembling gently, and the faint residue around the body is gone.
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