On the outskirts of the Heartlands..

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On the outskirts of the Heartlands..

Postby Stevie » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:45 pm

"Josie, Mary Sue, Elenor!" Yelled the voice, disrupting the birds that were quietly nestled in the tree up above and echoing on for about a mile.

The shouting man stumbled ever onward, looking tired and ragged, putting most if not all of his energy into his shouting

"Beth, Rosie, Edgar!" Roared the voice again, disrupting wildlife everywhere.

He slipped, falling onto the ground.. muddying himself and ripping a large whole into his woolen cloak. He used his walking stick to bring himself back onto his feet and discarded the cloak, blaming it for his earlier fall.

"Freddie, Carlene, Wilson! Wilson!! Wilson!!!

The man was becoming desperate now, the lack of water and food now starting to hit him and making him feel nauseous and dizzy. He swayed from side to side and his feet were looking like they were finally about to give in. Something he heard however startled him and gave him new life, he turned quickly, and with adreneline pumping raised his walking stick high into the air.

"You! You took them from me didn't you.. You mangy beast. I'll make you pay for taking away my precious flock.. I'm going to wear your skin as a hat"

He ran towards the focus of his aggression, screaming loudly before bringing his walking stick crashing down and falling into a heap next to his aggressor.

He laid there still, raspily breathing with blood running down his head.

"Got you. You bastard..." he managed to breathe out, before falling unconcious next to the tree stump he just attacked and ran into.

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Re: On the outskirts of the Heartlands..

Postby Will » Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:49 pm

**In his dreams he sees a vision of fields of Sheep, moving gently like a vast expanse of cloud. In the middle stands he, happy and content, his flock safe. He gains a sense of a journey, a distance to be travelled.**
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