Galatine's problem

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Galatine's problem

Postby Blue mage » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:54 pm

Somewhere, left lying in the dirt under a tree in the Heartlands, was a crippled warrior. His legs were shattered from a great fall, and while over the period of 24 hours his other wounds had slowly healed, his legs were not healing so soon. A day earlier, while he had been offered to be moved by the wolves, he had declined, as it was too painful to be lifted. Regret began to sink in as he now wished for a healer.
Thats what you get for using my wings recklessly. You took your mind of things for one moment and smashed to the ground. You are not immortal I think you should be reminded!!!
Ignoring the demon, he focused on the current matter. Drieth was expecting him in a matter of days, but he was unable to travel as of now. He did not want to stay any longer near Divani currently as he felt much dark power coming from it and as he was, discovering what it was that caused it was not in his best interests. It felt hopeless now, like he should just allow himself to die...
Did Drieth not mention that the sanctuary was a place of healing? Perhaps the stupid boy could risk using his wings to travel there where his legs have failed?
Im not sure if I can handle the pain right now, flying is beyond me.
FOOL! Would you rather stay here and die or go and be healed? A broken leg is able to be repaired, but a cut throat takes a little more, me thinks!
Galatine nodded, and, despite the agony of his lower body, forced himself into a position where his wings could move. And, taking a breath, he forced the wings to carry his body upwards. At first, it was low, only a foot of the ground, but as he got used to the pain slowly, he began to move higher, and after about half an hour, he was 100 feet in the air. Then, summoning up all the energy he could muster, his wings propelled him towards the direction the the Sanctuary, and towards Drieth. He now had to pray that he was not killed by the flight and the imminent landing...or that the pain knocked him out as he flew.
As it turns out, our battle plan is NOT "Synchronized Panicking"

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