Woodlands north of pathway

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Woodlands north of pathway

Postby Ceinwen » Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:24 pm

Deep in the woodlands Setema appears carrying a baby. After looking around to be sure she is alone, she spends sometime casting a few spells before disappearing again with the baby.

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Re: Woodlands north of pathway

Postby bedevere » Sat May 02, 2009 8:38 am

*In the night time after Setama was there, a solitary figure moves quietly. They stop near where she had stood for a moment, before moving off again.*
So then he goes, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, and I say "I've got WINGS? I can FLY?" It was hilarious! The dwarf was tough, but the elf was delicious and they had some men and these four bite-sized guys, too. The wizard was fuming when I flew off.

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