On top of the mountain

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On top of the mountain

Postby Blue mage » Sat May 09, 2009 5:33 pm

The black shiraken were slowly dying of the radiation from all arouund them. Among them were the bodies of two undead and many, MANY black shiraken. nThe black shiraken attempted to flee to live, but most died quickly.
Among them, a black Shiraken sniffed the air and hissed, its mind working quickly.
My mistress is safe. The others are gone. For now, this is all that matters. I shall leave here. I have a long way to go and so much time to take to get there.
Vice, slowly, so slowly as to be unnoticable at first sped off down the mountian at a pace only the shiraken could go. He knew this body would not last long. But he also knew he would find new bodies until he left the radiation. Finding a corpse or mutants would take little time, and he would be unnoticed after a kill. It would take time, but as long as he made it, he did not mind.
The shiraken turning undead sped off into the mists of radiation, in search of its first kill on the path to home.

As it turns out, our battle plan is NOT "Synchronized Panicking"

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