Within a small village

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Within a small village

Postby Plot Bot » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:39 am

In the centre of a meadow four people can be seen standing in a circle, chanting. The air feels thick and humid. There is a look of concentration upon all thier faces slightly tinged with frustration. Any one with the ability to feel magic could feel that the air was heavy with water and air magic. The chanting steadily grows louder as the people begin to pace slowly around the ritual circle. After they have completed two circuits the air above them begins to flash in multi colured sparks, flashes of lightning striking the ground around them. They throw themsleves to the ground arms wrapped around their heads for protection. The lightning stikes on of the people and a large cloud forms above his head as the cloud grows it darkens in colour, when it is almost black it begins to rain sending a monsoon like torrent down onto his head. The sparks instantly die and the lightning flashes stop. If they could sense the power in the air they would feel that it had instantly dissipated. The other three people quickly gather themselves from the floor and abandon their unfortunate friend fleeing at a dead run.

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