BRIEF 20/11/2010

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BRIEF 20/11/2010

Postby Stevie » Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:11 am

((The events here take place one week before the adventure, around the 13/11/2010.))


Thirteen figures moved silently in the darkness, each clothed entirely in deep black robes, obscuring their faces. Slight nods were ushered by each figure to another, no introductions here were necessary. Moving in perfect unison they took their positions around the circle and began to cast. Hands weaved and arched in their air as shadowy sigils were carved into the very ground, scorching it in a soft purple glow. The ritual circle finally took form, glowing anxiously, awaiting it’s purpose. A soft brush of air drafted in as a fourteenth figure teleported into the room and slouched against one corner, exhibiting an air of boredom in the current events of the other thirteen. They paid him no heed, he was here only to watch.

One figure of the thirteen steps forward into the circle, taking charge of the proceedings. Taking a small knife from inside his robes he runs it along the edge of his arm, opening a dark, crimson wound gushing life into the circle.

“I call you forth, creature of the netherworld and I bind you to your word. A deal was made, it is time to honour it once again. A rift has opened, forged from the powers of those gathered here, we wrench you from your existence of darkness and bind you into servitude here. Come forth demon, you are ours to command!”

A ripping like sound echoes across the room as the very air itself is torn in two. A small slit in the world opens up, glowing in a dark purple light that seems to envelop the entire room. A huge, scaled claw punctures through the rip and pulls the world asunder, widening until a large demonic figure steps through.

“We bind you to our will demon, the deal will be honoured. You will take from those chosen that which cannot be taken, the deal will be honoured.”

The demon plunges a hand into the ground, slamming down with a thunderous force. Dark power surges down through his arm, into the world below. Small bright spores, no bigger than a eyelash begin to form around his hand. They coalesce in the darkness, coming together to form a solid ball of light, around the size of a hand. The demon holds the ball up for a while gazing at it, before dropping it into the outstretched hand of the central figure.

With a voice like several nails scratching of several chalkboards the demon speaks, its words cutting into the very minds of those that hear it.


With that the demon steps back through the gateway, closing it behind himself as he goes.

The central ritualist places the ball down in the middle of the circle. The ground underneath shakes violently and the supports of the room creak under some unknown weight. Small pieces of debris detach themselves from the ceiling, flooding the room in dust.

“Quickly, the balance” shouts a ritualist outside.

The figure inside turns around, looking at the man who caused the outburst with pure contempt. The lesser ritualist hangs his head low, knowing that he spoke out of turn. The head ritualist takes out a small golden necklace from his robes, casting it down at the floor like it was worthless.

As the necklace hits the ground it erupts in a pristine white glow, beckoning forth a figure encased solely in light.

“You, again,” says the soft voice “and you!” looking at the fourteenth figure “I thought you would know better than this.. Hmph.. Some God indeed.”

“I am not here to pass judgement, only to ensure that this ritual complies.”

“Let’s not play this game again. Just do your duty.”

Reluctantly the figure begins to weave her hands in the air, golden light streaming from them.

“I bestow the balance to this deed of evil. Those brave souls that you have imprisoned will know the light in their time of glory.”

Several shapes begin to form from the light, small trinkets and weapons come together from nothingness gliding to the floor and glowing in white light.

“There. Your ‘balance’.” announces the white figure, as it descends back into the necklace.

“These will be sealed past the thirteenth gate, as always, should the ‘brave’ ever reach it.”

The fourteenth figure stands up from his slouched position, and with a single sweep of his hand closes the ritual circle.

“Very well, I am done here.”

With that he vanishes, leaving the figures alone in the room.

The thirteenth man turns sharply, and looks directly into your eyes.

“You have seven days, ‘hero’. Then you will be summoned here to play for your soul. Please try to be more entertaining than the last group, why they only made it to the fifth gate.”

The figures and the room fade into nothing.

You wake with sweat clinging to every pore in your body. Your actions seem strained and you feel as if a large hole has been cut into your very being.


Each year a deal is honoured. Men of dark intent bring together their years work to challenge and ultimately destroy those that have plagued their efforts of evil throughout the year. Resentment and justice for every sacked hideout, every butchered toll guard and every foiled ritual fuel this challenge.

Thirteen Gates, Thirteen Challenges. At the end, your rewards. Your soul and the blessing of light (OMG SHINY ITEMZ).

((It's going to be hard basically, having some discussions about opening this up to the souls of those in the hopewastes and if there's call for it, that can be done. But yeah, book on. Love, Stevie))

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Re: BRIEF 20/11/2010

Postby Stevie » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:57 am

OOC Updates

Over the weekend spoke to a couple of people that were unsure of what the plot actually is.. so I'm summing/dumbing it up.

- Heroes, in their day to day business kill toll Guards, slaughter patrols of organised bandits, raid secret hideouts, steal powerful magical artifacts and more. This obviously, upsets the BAD D00DZ, who's plans you are destroying.
- Each year, the 13 badest D00DZ get together and perform a super secret evil ritual in order to take from the heroes their very souls.
- In doing such a super secret evil ritual there has to be some kind of balance, otherwise the powers of evil would overwhelm and crack the jewel.. which = bad stuff.
- The Balance happens to be this game.. the challenges.. none of which are impossible, but they all hopefully.. should be the most challenging encounters you will face each year. (Think Crystal Maze.. but with more evil.. and less Richard O Brian [He won't return my calls to player ref])
- When/If you survive the 13 gates, there are super pro prizes.. be they in the form of AMAZING MAGICAL ITEMS, or.. perhaps a second chance at life.

THIS IS OPEN TO ALL ALIVE AND DEAD CHARACTERS. (Sorry, no permed characters.)
It says Max 300, but will be set and stat to the party I receive

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