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Postby Ben » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:06 pm

V walked up to one of the gates of Dvarni, it was open but guarded by a handful of High Elves resplendant in blue and silver. It didn't need to be heavily guarded, enemies of Erathil should not have been able to pass the forts of Pathway undetected and if they could then they would hardly stop there.


**V smiled at the traditional cry of guards across the world**


"What are you doing here human?"

**V frowned**

"Would you believe I'm on a mission from Erathil himself?"

**The guard shook his head and two of his companions joined him**

"I didn't think so. Can I come in?"

"You're under arrest for trespassing on the lands of the High King."

**They began to advance on him, weapons drawn. V sighed and drew his own swords, one High Elven, one the colour of fire. Blades swung, flashed, crashed before the High Elves lay on the ground.**

"Let's start this again. Hello, my name is V. This **he waves the flaming sword** is the blade of Erathil of old and this **he waves the other** is the sword of Erathil returned. I am his champion, his chosen, first of the Phoenix Guard and the only reason you are alive and not on fire is because I have spent the day with his majesty and he would rather I did not kill good fighting men or good breeding stock, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are one or the other. Get up."

**The High Elves rose to their feet, their eyes flicking between the blades**

"Now, you have no reason to believe me so I will let you escort me to someone with more authority."

**The guards looked uncertain before two took up position in front of him with two behind and led him into Dvarni.**
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