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**Forum Etiquette** - Please read

Postby Will » Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:29 am

When posting in IC forums please bear the following in mind:

- Can your character be in several places at once? Avoid posting as the same character in multiple threads unless there is a very good justifiable reason for doing so

- Consider the others in the forum. Is it right to race ahead and make 30 posts whilst the other person has had to go away for awhile?

- Consider your own presence. Perhaps if you are in a very fast moving thread and you have to leave OOC for a period of time, it would be good for your character to leave the thread as well

- Fighting. Avoid fighting/use of spells at all cost. If you need to for roleplay effect only, ensure you negotiate with the other people OOC what you are going to do and make sure everyone agrees to what is being done.

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