Could anyone lend me...

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Could anyone lend me...

Postby Sonny » Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:00 pm

Still buzzing and aching from what was truly and epic week at ring of fire sloth. With the Larp blood still pumping hard I thought I would try and get sorted for berserkers next week.

So long short of it is I'm after a few bits of kits to borrow for the weekend and wondered if anyone would be so kind to help out, it would be massively appreciated

I'm trying to make a big merchant, gun and sword with bags and massive cloths, so I'm after:

- (sorted) Flint lock pistol
- pistol holster
- Fancy looking sword, thinking cutlass or the elven style one hop own
- sword loop for belt
- the hat!! Big loud and possible with a feather, maybe not so loud, darker colours preferred
- (sorted thanks Chee ) fur coat, big and heavy
- fat friendly looking leather armour, the fancier the better
- coin purse, bigger the better
- bags, everything from ones to hang from my belt to a over the shoulder jobby, need a place to stash goodies
- tools, basic armour repair gear with possibly weights

And properly other stuff I'm yet to think up

Going for the rather large gregarious, larger than life trader fat man. The friendly face who will buy or sell most things that will turn a profit to gain goods & information for the inquisition. If I could do a good Bryan Blessid impression he would be like that haha

Any kit suggestions to make myself look well off but not rich, large and that would just be awesome I'd love to hear

Thanks all :)
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Re: Could anyone lend me...

Postby Buchatar » Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:50 pm

I've got a fancy piratey-pistol and holster at my home in Weymouth. If I had known before flying out I would have posted it to you.
Sad face.
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