All around Telafret lands posters are being put up.

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All around Telafret lands posters are being put up.

Postby Dom » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:34 pm

'Calling all people of the wise Telafret nation. Your land needs you!
Your Haran has called all honest and law-abiding citizens who seek to improve their lot to sign up to a national regester.
Those that sign up will be gifted with R1 per week for as long as they stay on the the regester.
Many will not be called on ever, but some may be asked to aid their nation in times of great need.
Should someone be called on they and their family will be richly rewarded and their children and loved ones can expect a scholorship to our fine university.
To sign up simply take the details of your home and work address and the names of you and your family to your local mallitia station.
Long live the Haran and long may our nation be first among the peoples of the known world'

Ooc: Anyone wishing to sign up or investigate this, post here or pm me.
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