Approaching the University

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Re: Approaching the University

Postby BlueTressym » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:41 pm

Having wandered around for a while, and asked a couple of people for directions, Amavaine approaches the Arcane University on foot and walks in through the Main Entrance door. She is slightly startled to find three people just inside the entryway, but glad to see that two of them are people she recognizes

(WoA): 'Lia' Goldmoon; Light elf Celebrant of Lenamo
Kendra; Cat, Curious, - and ALIVE!
Mirya Sohail; High Mage and expatriate
'Rilla' Moonheart; "Bad-Ass Life Elf" - ?!?!?!
Amavaine Kalythaer; Elven/Avian Sorceress

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