Posters all around the land

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Posters all around the land

Postby Sonny » Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:04 pm

Appearing over the land over serveral nights were large flamboyant posters, the colourful lettering joining and curving in an over the top style, with the paper having small illustrations of a laughing mask and moon lit sky's dotted over then along with a small map to the arcane university from the posted location.

"Come sleepers of the world

A new magnificent and magical opportunity has arisen for anyone who chooses it inside the arcane University.
Ever wondered what your dreams are trying to convey to you? Been plagued by a nightmare or desired a dream of your own crafting to fill your nights?

Follow the path to the doors of the university and ask for the dream-weaver Incognito. Inside we can decipher the mystic messages in your dreams, remove unwanted dreams and nightmares from your sleep and even create new magical dreams to fill your mind with what ever you desire.

A mere 1 rava for a session is all that is needed for these services so come one and come all, and see just where your dreams will lead you. Special circumstance may remove Fee, so come an see, you have noting to lose and everything to gain. The gateway to your dreams awaits."

((( OOC if anyone wants Charater backstory, development or future plot for their charater worked on I'l happily weave it into their readings or dreams ^^, Refs and writers feel free to add in parts if you need/desire, just pm me ))
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