Blood and Hope

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Blood and Hope

Postby dainul » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:03 am

Pushing his helmet back, Reith wipes the blood from his eyes and surveys the scene before him. The two beasts were dead, but one of the longhouses was ablaze and beyond saving. Men and women struggled to control the fire solely to prevent it from spreading. Around the battlefield, a half-dozen of the village's warriors lay, having given the last of the Mother's gift to their tribe, and a dozen more were being attended to by the village's healer. By rights, Reith should be there as well, but Erath was approaching at a stride, and from his expression, Reith knew there would be no rest tonight.

Reith remembered Erath as a capable, wily man, a warrior of guile as much as strength. He hadn't been surprised to discover that Erath had taken up the mantle of chieftain after Reith's father had died, and in some ways was quite glad to not have to carry it himself. But Erath hadn't seen it that way. To him, Reith's return from the dead was a threat, a challenge as much as it was a joyous moment, and Reith knows that he will have to either convince Erath that he's not about to challenge his leadership or actually challenge it and end the tension that way. Not tonight, though.

Erath reaches Reith, sword still drawn and glares at him. "What in the Mother's name have you brought with you, Reith Tyraldson? What deal did you make that brought this on our home?"

Reith holds Erath's glare as he returns his axe to its loop on his belt. "I didn't bring these things here, chieftain. But give me a chance and I can make sure that if they return, we have weapons that will stop them."

"If I find that you're lying..." Erath raises his sword, pointing it at Reith in a clear threat.

"You won't."

As Erath turns away, Reith starts toward the two bodies, drawing his knife. Judging the size of the first one, he grabs one of the younger warriors hurrying past. "Find me two buckets and tell Neeva to get the forge hot." Without giving the warrior a chance to argue, he pushes the young man away as he arrives at the first corpse, it's chest crushed by a massive blow. Branda, no doubt. She always had favoured her huge axe, clumsy though it was. Running his fingers over the creatures chest, Reith draws plans in his mind for the first weapon he would craft from this corpse, a suitable trophy for the young warrior. No, there would be no rest tonight.
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