Journey to the centre of the world

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Journey to the centre of the world

Postby Ben » Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:37 pm

It was funny, really. They’d thought themselves so clever on the boat, his brother reverting to his true form and the Life Elf carrying him away like a baby in her arms. Nature's Wrath would hide, not use his power, and then V would not be able to find him. A truly inspired idea…inspired, unfortunately for Doki, by the wrong person.

Doki had spent a day being tormented and so it was only natural to want to get away from his tormentor. Unfortunately his pain had clouded his judgement. Or he was just that arrogant for he had assumed V would want to spend his time seeking his brother. The weak run away and the strong give chase.

But not this time. Here he was, in the world again, his brother would still be there in a week, a month, a year. At some point it would probably cross the mind of Nature’s Wrath that he wasn’t coming and then he’d realise that in his rush to protect himself, he’d endangered a lot of lives.


He thought back on his previous wielders, the guy made of metal, that guy who exploded, the teleporting rock, the know-it-all priest, the rabbit, the short guy…they all blurred into one really. Except his first: a noble elf, the highest of all, brought low by his influence.

Let’s see how old Erathil is doing.

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