Heading South

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Heading South

Postby dainul » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:30 am

On the plains between Ingolé and Pathway, under the light of the moons, a loud voice can be heard.

"Levalas! Lord of Water! I like the new moon!... Or is it an old moon back again!? Umm... Thank you for giving water for me to drink, and not drowning me with all those huge waves that wrecked the shores! 'Cause that would have sucked!...although you would have had to try pretty hard, cause I'm not near the shore... But I'm sure you could have done so anyway, so thank you!... Hmm... I wonder... I don't suppose you happen to know of any Startear in shipwrecks you'd be willing to part with!? Just asking, you know! Anyway! Yay, you're back in the sky, which is apparently the right place for a god of water! Hurrah!"

There is a brief stretch of relative peace, then.

"Gerethanax! Lord of the Earth!..."

And the voice goes on, through the moon gods, Velnashar, Yashminar, Larweyella, Quarin, Firrin, Risk, Varya, Raime, Hope, Despair even Lenanuki (although this one is more full of apologies for being such a crap follower of the god of peace, what with being a violent warrior and all), praising each god in turn and asking if they might be willing to help him find startear. Come about midnight, the voice finally finishes, and peace descends once more.
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