Washed Ashore ((somewhere along the bay of Lunte))

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Washed Ashore ((somewhere along the bay of Lunte))

Postby Sonny » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:49 pm

Timothy was out fishing in his canoe like any other day, the strong breeze of the north doing nothing to his insulated body other then ruffling his furr clothing. Though the Arctic waters were swimmable the boat made life so much easier as he dangled his line in the water, always preferring to let the fish come to him rather then diving down and chasing them, humming to himself as the hours sailed by. 

Getting a tug on the line he quickly woke up, heaving and pulling on his catch to bring it closer, carefully rising to his feet as he yanked the large fish closer to the surface, coiling the line around an arm he held his spear above ready to strike his lunch. Pausing just before driving the point down as he saw a reflection in the water. He looked up into the sky speechless, the water trembling as a new object appeared in the sky. Falling onto his back he glared up at it, wondering if he had eaten a bad crab or oyster recently as he saw the new moon start to appear up above the world.

Watching as the magic played out he slowly noticed the waters getting more and more violent, snapping back into reality he tied himself and his tools to the boat and took up his paddle ,trying his hardest to head back to the frozen tundras, though each stroke seemed hopeless as he was carried further and further out into the oceans. As he struggled in near storm like conditions it wasn't long before a mighty wave came crashing down onto his canoe, both the canoe and the walrus vanishing under the mighty cascade.


Blinking as Timothy slowly came to, gently bobbing on his back as his bulk kept him afloat. Taking a few minuets as he adjusted to the light, the sound of gulls echoing around him as he got his bearings. Looking over to see his upturned canoe being used as a perch for a few seabirds he grunted and paddled over to it, shooing them off as he flipped it over and heaved himself in, sighing in relief*
"By me ancestor's tusks..what was...."

*pausing for a second as he felt a small tug on his arm Timothy laughed and finished reeling in his catch, delighted to find the large fish still hooked and a smaller fish nibbling on it's fin. Chuckling to himself he pulled both up onto his Lap, gently working the smaller one free and letting it drop back into the ocean*
"I didn't catch ya wee one, off ya swim and enjoy your freedom. Raime me thanks for watching over me and this delicious fish."

*smiling at his catch, though long since dead it was a mighty fine fish indeed, rummaging through the collection of rods and spears to pull out his family's spear the "ice breaker" as it's flamed tip seared fish so perfectly. Carefully gutting the fish he rested it on the tip of the spear, smiling as the burning end cooked  his meal, his whiskers twitching in anticipation as the scent filled the sea air.

The fish feast itself only lasted a minuet or so as it was completely wolfed down, too eager to fill his hungry gut then to savour the taste. He laid back licking his chops as he wondered how long it would take to find land, looking around for any flocks of birds heading inland, though the Gulls long since gone.

Floating in the vast sea he sat there on the look out, rubbing his eyes in disbelief as the water  under him started to glow a brilliant blue, quickly tying a spear to him as he readied himself. His jaws dropping as a massive blue chunk of something flew out of the water as it was carried to the heavens, too focused to notice the shadow under his canoe until it was too late. The wake of water made by the ancient ship breaking free of the water tipped the little canoe over, sending the walrus splashing into the waters. 

Struggling to the surface he held to his upturned canoe, gazing in amazement as the mighty vessel somehow was propelled into the sky. It was only after a few moments he noticed the boat slow it's accent and he panicked as he was currently under it. Pulling a blade from his ankle holder he started to furiously cut at the lifeline that connected him to his canoe, cutting faster as he saw the boat start to fall, diving as soon as the rope broke, sinking as quickly as He could manage as the mighty ship came crashing down onto the waves, crushing his canoe as he was hit by the wave of water propelled down by the ship, blacking out from the impact.


The next thing he knew he was laying on his back, feelings slowly coming back to him. something soft and warm under him as cool water slowly lapped at his feet, the breeze almost warm and gentle. Everything being pitch black Timothy lay there wondering how he survived, or even if he had, feeling something press lightly on his gut, instinctively trying to swat what ever it was. Feeling another light poke on his cheek he swatted again, surprised to hear children's laughter instead of a fly.

Sitting up slowly one of his furr cloaks slipped off his face, revealing two human children wielding a short stick and wearing large smiles as the gave him another curios prod to the gut. Giving them a friendly smile he looked around, the frozen shores now being made of yellow dirt, the White lands and trees replaces with a mix of greens and brown, turning back to the kids he laughed gently with their giggles as the stick bounced off his round gut again*
"hello little skinnies, ya couldn't tell me where we are could ya?"

*the children looked at each other before the little boy took a little step forwards, keeping the poking stick in hand*
"mumma told us not to talk to strangers..."

"O me name is Timothy Incarta Nelus Yama, now I'm not a stranger anymore."
*seeing the blank expressions on the kid's faces Timothy thought for a moment* 
" could call me "Tiny" that's easier ya know?"

*hearing this the kids giggled and gave another little poke*
"tiny? Hehe but your huge.... Nope your still strange, bye bye mr tiny."

*with this the kids ran off laughing, heading into the woods behind them, leaving Timothy sitting on the shore, none the wiser as he wiggled his toes, enjoying the warmth of this new land.

Starring out to sea he sighed softly, there being no sign of his canoe, but more importantly his father's spear. Pulling on the rope around his chest he found one of his own spears still tightly bound to it. Hearing his gut groan out he smiled, ungracefully rolling to his feet as he brushed off the sand from his cloths. He may be lost but he was alive, he was a survivor but more importantly hungry, calling on Raime to grace his first hunt in this new land, waddling off into the woods, following the path the children took as he wondered what new bounties and challenges this land held.*

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