The coast of north-west Sinya Palurin

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The coast of north-west Sinya Palurin

Postby BlueTressym » Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:50 pm

At the shoreline, two figures lie still by the water. An observer would note that both appear to be beastkin of the feline variety, one a female who resembles a leopard, but with fur that is silver-grey rather than tawny, the other a male with the colouration and tufted ears of a lynx. A twitch from one shows that she at least is still alive.

Kendra rolls over, coughs and brings up a copious amount of water. Shortly. after some spluttering and once she has pulled some air into her lungs, she raises herself by her arms then onto all fours, and finally is able to raise her head and sit back on her heels. At once she spots Veltan still unmoving and hastily acts to purge the water from him and help him breathe. After several attempts she is almost frantic before he coughs, splutters, and expels the water from his lungs. She sits back for a moment, then once she sees him take several breaths she pounces and hugs him tightly. He returns the hug and both sit together for a while, joined in relief at their survival.

Truly, Kendra is caught between amazement that either of them had made it to what she devoutly hoped was the mainland, and joy that Eremethal had heard her prayers, as she and the panicking Veltan had clung together, with her desperately fighting to keep his head above water. Kendra was a good swimmer, an achievement shared by few felines and one that made her rather an oddity in the eyes of most; to drown would have been very ironic. She had faith in the God of Storms, but also a belief that he helped those who helped themselves, so she had held tight to Veltan and kicked out towards what she had hoped was the shore. A huge wave that had swamped them both and breathing in the cold salt water had been the last thing she knew - until now.

Sitting back slightly she sees Veltan looking at her oddly; he lifts a lock of her hair and shows it to her...
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