A small village just east of Sanga

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A small village just east of Sanga

Postby Ceinwen » Fri May 20, 2011 11:32 pm

Posted in the center of the small village the following poem quickly becomes the topic on all villagers minds and it isnt long before copies are made and the same poem finds itself circling the surrounding areas:

Heroes mighty, brave and strong.
They are for ever doing wrong
When in danger, on heroes we call
We know they will come and save us all
And of course when of victory we do hear
We sigh in relief and give a cheer
To them, our lives we now do owe
Unless, of course, the truth you know.
This problem that the heroes dissolved
It only started because they were involved.
This is something I just must stress
Heroes do nothing but clean up there own mess.

Dont trust in heroes in your neediest hour
They care for nothing but their lust for power
And that power, it goes to the brain
Well this is proven by Erathils reign.
And then there’s the opening of the well
because of them, many men fell
And then once again, they did persist
This time unleashing such destructive mist

Oh how hero stupidity does only increase,
Remember the demon ware-wolf they did release?
And ascension of annihilation, what a blunder
Of course dont forget all the Gods they did sunder.
They bring forth demons and undead without care
Ascending evil gods and bringing forth despair
Breaking down barriers, and that ritual in which,
A hero named Samuel became a great lich
Raising undead, like a plague through the land
who cares for the spirits that have been dammed.
Remember Narturlin? No more now then rubble.
Can't you see these heroes bring nothing but trouble?

Do you still think my words are unfair?
Face it, for us these heroes just dont care

Now I know just what your going to say
Not all of the heroes act that way.
Some of them are good and true
So name one, just tell me who?

Well lets speak of Kalist, he must be one
For all the good that he has done.
Shinning angel of hope and life
Surely he will end our strife
But no of course this was not the case
for in the end he showed his true face
Selfishly he would change fate
forever bringing back his blue date
No, he would never leave Aquilla lie
To save him he would let any other die
For any one but him, he did not care.
Is this really the acts of one true and fair?

No, heroes really they are all the same.
And for all our problems, they are to blame.
Can't you see now, without a doubt.
These heroes, we are better off without.
Yes it is true they hold all the power
but they wont save us in our final hour
How many more, I ask, must die
Before we fight back? We have to try
For is this continues we will surely fall
These dam heroes will destroy us all.

So rise up against them and together we must stand.
For it is time for us to defend our land.

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