Marcus Constantine

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Marcus Constantine

Postby RDB » Mon May 31, 2010 9:59 pm

Chef sighs with a little regret the last conversation she recalls with Marcus being that she told him he was ugly. After all, he had a beard and her liking for men with beards has grown in recent days so the comment, however reflective of her view of humans at the time, seems now a little harsh. Having listened to the visitors to the house commenting that Marcus' final stand had been bravely standing up in the face of adversity, which was taking the form of Annihilation, when others dared not step forward, a thought of respect flickered.

In the knights reprieve that followed his inevitable death, Marcus had returned to assist in the fight once again, the result of which was a win.

Chef ponders the musings and briefly admires the hero with the beard, exhales, taps her cleaver on the table before running after the last hero to leave the house:

"what happened to the ugly knight's body? I will have new visitors to feed".

Old habits die hard.

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Re: Marcus Constantine

Postby Blue mage » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:46 am

Rumours and whispers get about and spread far and wide. Somewhere, a young man hears of the Warrior Priest's demise, fighting bravely against an unstoppable force. The man carries a sword and a scar, and quickly vanishes for a time. he says prayers for the other Hope follower, but sheds no tears. Marcus is with Aquilla and kalist, and closer in death to their Lady than they had been in life. The deaths of the Hope followers disturbs him he alone now? He hoped not. There would be many inspiried by Marcus as they had beeen by Aquilla and Kalist. Many would take the mantle of faith that Marcus had worn as his armour.

Marcus Constantine, rest in death and the embrace of our Lady. May your armour of faith that you wore in life protect you in death. May your hammer that smote Despair be as a sign that our Lady is and always will be with you. May you never leave this path, that never ends...the path of our Lady.
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Re: Marcus Constantine

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:33 am

The monkey took a short respite from thinking of all matters Sentinel to say a goodbye

Monkay not know Marcus well. Monkay know Marcus was brave and strong. Monkay know Marcus as a devout follower of his faith. Monkay watch Marcus stand up to nasty Despair and Annihilation. Monkay think you do Hope proud.

Be safe in death and be happy with Kalist and Aquilla

With that the monkey's thoughts turned back to the Sentinels

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