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Postby Firesky » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:54 pm

You were always someone I could trust, someone who would always help others, regardless of the cost to yourself. You taught me how to care about others, and will forever be someone I look up to, and even after giving your soul, you remained a better man than most.

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Re: Reuben

Postby Niamh » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:36 pm

Friends are good. Dead friends are bad. I'm really, really, really going to miss you. But I have A Plan, right, and it's going to be amazing. Not as good as your plan with the stabby lady, and I'm fairly certain it won't work, but it's still worth a shot. Anyway, I'm really sorry you're gone. I'll even miss when you're all deathy. You were amazing. You're like tourmaline, which is the best of all rocks. And that's a very high compliment. Just saying. Bye...
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Re: Reuben

Postby BlueTressym » Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:18 pm

As Rilla waits to face the Everni Haran, she continues to mourn. Another friend gone, another death that should never have happened. She will miss Reuben, despite, or perhaps because of, never feeling able to understand him. Still, she would never forget Reuben, truly a friend unlike any other.

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Re: Reuben

Postby spsblue » Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:11 pm

Fionan grieves for Reuben, and part of his regrets are that he never knew him before he gave up his soul to the fey.

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Re: Reuben

Postby dainul » Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:21 pm

"Celestial Dragon! Keep an eye on Reuben, will you? He was one of yours. Might not've worshipped you, but he damned well did his best to look after people. Mamozumo too, though his blood betrayed him, he never betrayed his friends. And if any of you Fey cocks have any thoughts to try and claim him, you can come through me, got it!?"
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Re: Reuben

Postby Sonny » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:30 pm

I never could put a peg on you, a new expression for everyday, though each seeming to brighten the day. I've heard of your exploits and sacrifices in the name of others, and it was truly a honour to fight by the side of such a brave and noble man. I pray you find the peace you deserve and bask forevermore in the light.

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Re: Reuben

Postby rachel » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:08 pm

I ain't never had a mate like you. You and Gizmo was two of the first people to treat me like I was a proper equal to you, and to look out for me. It probably don't mean nothing to you, but you bought me an axe even before I was a proper nomad, and no one's ever bought me anything before in my life. You remember how you said that Gizmo wouldn't think much of of my healing skills if we came back and you was dead? Well, I reckon you're right, and I'm so sorry for not healing you fast enough, and not being a better healer. But I saw what happened, and I reckon you chose to die cos you didn't defend yourself or anything. Suppose I should respect that. Thanks for letting me join your gang, and for not caring that I'm shit scared all the time, and for making me laugh even when it seems like there's no hope. You was the most amazing person, and I ain't ever gonna forget you.


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