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A History

Postby quillkeeper » Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:48 pm

At Pathway the the veil was lowered to direct a blast at the resistance in an attempt to cripple it beyond recognition. It failed due to the fact that the resistance had long perceived the power if Erathil's grasp to be able to strike a crippling blow should they be gathered in one place, and thus only did in extreme conditions. Many members of the resistance were killed in the attack, but it did not have the desired effect.

Then came the War of the Caves, When Dvarni was all but emptied of it's armies to march south. Hundreds of soldiers on the march leaving Dvarni all but undefended, the remaining cells of the resistance seized the chance they had been given and marched into the city, holing up in strategic areas and in the confusion of The Heroes assault on Erathil himself striking into the well room at the heart of the palace.

With Erathil's death, many of the surviving resistance thought their war over, some left the city to reclaim their lives, but most felt they had to stay, to ensure their freedom they would have to fight whoever took Erathil's place. After their defeat at the Fort guarding the caves The High Elven Armies and their allies slowly returned to the city, soon their numbers grew and the cells of the resistance found themselves fighting a losing battle. They retreated to their hidden strong-points and began a guerrilla war through the streets.

More Elves returned, and this became increasingly harder to maintain, the resistance began to to lose the pockets they had gained early on. First the lost their presence in the well room, the in other districts, be eventually the Elven numbers reached their limit, and a stalemate evolved with The Elves unable to find the remaining resistance strongholds, and the resistance lacking the numbers to remove the elves.

During all this came the catastrophe of Narturlin, and now either side is scrabbling to see what advantage they can establish from these events, content to almost leave each other in peace. Mean while life in Dvarni is beginning to return to something resembling normality, but with the resistance an ever present shadow some people are seeing their chances for glory and power. To this end they are subtly lending their aid.

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Re: A History

Postby Ballisticginger » Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:51 pm

The tale so far

The veil was lowered to allow evil to issue forth
They attacked the rebels to the south and the north
They wished to strike a crippling blow
But of plots like these the rebels know
So they gather in numbers less than ten
So the rebellion can fight again
Many a mighty rebel fell
But much evil died as well

Then came the war of the caves
When Dvarni was emptied of worrier braves
Heroes entered to free the slaves
They assaulted even the well room
Spelling out Erithil’s doom
After this many thought the war was finished
But the evil power was little diminished

Elves returned to destroy the revolt
Strongholds fell like feathers malt
Finally their expansion reached stalemate
With Enemy warriors both sides of the gate

Then came the catastrophe of Nartulin
When the end did begin
So for lack of power there is peace
And for now the death does cease.

Events recorded by the quilkeeper & versed by ballisticginger

hope you enjoyed it :mrgreen:
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