The Lay of the Land

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The Lay of the Land

Postby quillkeeper » Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:55 pm

OOC: map out of date but it will do


Resistance Territory

The Southern Caravan District: From here the smuggle their supplies in to city to fuel their efforts.
The Southern Middle Class district: From here the Resistance launch their raids against the Southern City
The Tannery District: Here the maintain and replace their equipment.
The Northern Middle Class District: It is from this district that the Resistance launches their efforts against the Northern City.

The Elven Territories

The Palace:
The Northern Caravan District:
The North Eastern Rich District:
The North Eastern Barracks:
The North Eastern Market:
The Western Tower:
The South-eastern Slums:

The Contested Territories

The South-Western Rich District: This district houses the rich of Dvarni, those who benefited most from Erathil's rule. Despite some exceptions most of these are sympathetic to the Elven forces.
The Northern Rich District: Like it Sister district this area is largely Elven sympathetic.
The Poor District: The resistance thought they would have an easy win in this district but this is was not so. Due to the Education Programme of the districts school the downtrodden of this district are content to obey their elven masters.
The Warehouse District: Whilst not under the direct control of the Resistance several merchants of Dvarni have set up infirmaries for injured resistance fighters and bolt holes for those on the run, in exchange for these services they hope to benefit should the resistance ever gain control of the city.
The Southern Markets: Here the merchants are aware that resistance controlled district nearly encircle them and to ensure that they are not the victims of raid and street fight that constantly break out they offer the factors of the resistance better prices to keep them sweet. Should the geography change then perhaps so would this policy.
The Eastern Middle Class district: Many of the Merchants that operate in the southern Markets have homes in this district, so by extension this district can be counted as Resistance Sympathetic.

The Temple of Eremine

The Priests in the temple have seen a delicate balance pan out within the city, and with their Mistress until recently imprisoned the seek to make sure that balance is maintained at all costs. No weapons are allow to be borne inside the temple, and any violence between factions prevented by powerful magics.

Please note it is not possible to commint an act of violence in the Temple of Eremine under any circumstances.

The Remaining Territories.

The remaining districts are by and large viewed as obsolete or unmanageable and as such are left in peace or simply abandoned.

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