A long time after an accident.

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A long time after an accident.

Postby Gumboots » Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:49 pm

*Sometime after the monsters were set loose the Blue Lady finally appeared on the balcony speaking to all that could hear here within the city. A fairly large group of high elves and Winter Elves gathered beneath the balcony.*

"To the people within this city, I am sorry that you have not seen me. The peace time has come and within this city people are starting to feel tense. I hope that with the losses that have happened on both sides that no more will happen. I am an elf but I hope that we can bring peace to this city and start to rebuild what damage that may have happened. Please there are plenty of houses available for all to live in and I hope that through my assistant Princes Regent Zemilia Sraosha Coshwood Ancalimon we will be able to bring the peace that is so desperatly needed in these dark times. I hope that for all they can come to this city and learn the skills that was taught to myself and others. If you know of anyone who are good teachers then they can also come and help. I hope that this city will now become a place of education and peace open to all.

"As a sign of friendship I will make it so the gates are open and free for all to enter between nine o'clock in the morning and 11 o'clock at night at which point the inside gates will be closed to all. The reason for this is that darkness brings many different enemies and dangers that we are all facing. The other thing that I am going to do for you all is start up a housing notice where all the people that have registered as having a home already here can return to it and those who need homes who have registered can then be granted a home. That house would then be yours until you wish to leave the house. The reason behind the regestering is that we can then all help to keep an eye on each other and it also means that you can then choose amoungst each of the different races a government from whome you will be lead.

"People of Dvarni, now is the time to bring the peace, now before any more violence. It is up to you now to choose between living here or living on the streets. I promise you that I will not turn you away from this city. I promise you that I wish for peace to remain. I promise that together we can make this city a better than it has ever been. I will help guide but I will not push my point of view, right now you all need guiding and at one point I will not be here to help. With this I will leave you to think and hope you choose the right choice, I am offering peace. For those who wish to register there will be people in the parks to sign with and they will then ask where you would wish to live. Within a week they will then give you a place to live. Good bye for now, I will speak again soon."

*At this point she turns and walks back inside the curtians.*
*Kriska Neptune Molignue, bonded and Dead*

*Zemilia Sraosha Coshwood Ancalimon, Princes Regent of the Earth Elves.*


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