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Public Notices

Postby bedevere » Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:28 pm

*The following notice is posted throughout Pathway, major population centres in the Heartlands, and in Sinya Palurin.*

To all citizens of the human Empires, of the Elven nations, and any law abiding individuals of other origins.

The Haran of the four human tribes wishes to establish a meeting regarding the subject of outlawing. While those who commit crimes are marked by the law, crimes that took place before the great ritual took place went unmarked. I would have that changed.

To this end, I will visit the Chapter House of the Order of Light in four days, on the sixth of this month. Any who are aware of crimes that took place before the great ritual, that should earn their perpetrators outlaw status, please feel free to attend on this day, when I shall listen to all names and crimes. Those who have so far escaped justice, with your help, I will mark their deeds for the law to respond to.

Any who wish to attend are free to do so. Any outlaws attending will be granted fair trial, regardless of circumstances. Those unable to attend who are aware of relevant information, please send communication to my representatives by other means, who will pass it on to me.

Note that in addition to myself, representatives will be present from the nations of the Avians, Dvarni, the Rodera, and the Orcs, with official delegates from other nations welcome.
So then he goes, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, and I say "I've got WINGS? I can FLY?" It was hilarious! The dwarf was tough, but the elf was delicious and they had some men and these four bite-sized guys, too. The wizard was fuming when I flew off.

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