The Closing of an Eclipse

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The Closing of an Eclipse

Postby Dellam » Fri May 07, 2010 11:12 pm

He was Eclipse, the God of Dreams, paragon of an eternal transcendent state and definer of the line between dream and nightmare...or at least he used to be. Now he was just a man, a man with needs who for all his vaunted former power was scared, alone and unsure. He was familiar with how things worked in a realm formed of the subconscious but in the real world he had no idea how things came together. He was lost and alone, huddled in the dark of night under a sodden rag of a cloak. He was hungry, tired, he just wanted to sleep and return to the realm he knew so well. Little did he know that things had changed so much in his absence.

There was a crack then in the dark, the sound of a twig breaking off to his right that made him sit up. Then a howl off to his left, a wolf perhaps? It was hard to say for certain. Suddenly the darkness around him seemed all the more oppressive. He sat up, glancing around furtively and tried to steel himself to call out into the night.
"Hello? Who's there? I demand you show yourself!"

Two voices came back in an almost sing-song fashion, overlapping and entwining with each other.
Hello Eclipse
Hello Eclipse
The dark jester of the mind made a casual slink out of the shadows, smiling from one half of his face through to the other
Welcome home
Welcome back
It was that which gave Eclipse realisation and with more vigour he pushed himself up to his feet, staring down Neffekeffen.

"I take it I'm asleep then...and if you're here you have... supplanted me? How have you done this? How is it you aren't mortal like the rest of us?", he queried. He was glancing around now though, knowing that this could not bode well for him.
I believe I'll field that question you see we-
-we planned ahead yes we did, we always have a plan
...yes thankyou. At any rate what was yours is now ours.
-and whats yours now is well...nothing!

"I you intend to kill me then? Make sure I cannot return to my realm?", Eclipsed asked, knowing the answer. He would have turned to run then, try to escape or fight somehow but he suddenly froze, his face falling as he went rigid. All he could see was Neffekeffen ahead of him still grinning all the while.
Actually no, we won't kill you...
...but the knife in your back will!

Of course it wasn't one knife, it was two in actual fact. They didn't strike just once however, they pierced again and again, puncturing rapidly into the former god of dreams body even as he slowly descended to the floor in a vicious spray of violence. He hadn't even known someone was behind him the whole time. Normally of course in a dream such wounds wouldn't have been fatal but with a little twisting of the rules from the new lord of dreams the physical body of Eclipse died, jerking and twitching as if the blows had been really struck as his mind made his body believe he was being stabbed to death viciously. His heart beat faster and faster until it infact burst in his chest and he died in spasms, all alone in the woods with none to mourn him.


"you haven't forgotten our deal have you?"
The unknown assailant asked of Neffekeffen as the dream started to dissolve.
Not at all my shadowy friend...
...your dreams will continue, just as you asked.
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