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Postby Luke » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:46 pm

Lord? As much as I like it you don't need to use that with me. My youngest brother seems to put great value in you, no need to be stuffy.

Yes I did want to talk to you, the Order of the Pure Heart is scattered, and I am guessing Erathil has spoken to you about the battle here.

He held out a large pure shard amulet.
I took this from one of their generals and I thought you might want to see it. It's pureshard, similar to the kind I made before. River, another of the Coshwood's, is off collecting them, apparently they decay after time depending on their importance.

He stared up blankly and then got to his feet so he was level with D'avan.

The world is changing I think... I can feel it in the earth, it's itching all over with these damn glooms. I have asked my Brother if I may step down as General for a little while... I wish to offer my help D'avan, it has been too long since I was one of the heroes and I think my immunity to these glooms might help. If you would have me that is...

He stared intensly at the High Elf standing opposite him, a fraction of hope betrayed in his eyes.

I am resilient, and powerful, but I am not as clever as I would like to be, I think I see things different to most and it can be a problem. You, however, are one of the greatest minds in our nation. So in return for my services I would like you to instruct me with the best course of action, be an advisor to me as you have been my brother. It would not be a taxing partnership, only council.

He seemed uneasy now, admitting fault was not one of his favourite things to do but Warryn did not shy away from it.

Also, the water Coshwood River called me 'Masonil' does that name sound familiar to you?
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