The Ruins of Sanga

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The Ruins of Sanga

Postby Ben » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:08 pm

With the destruction of the Heartlands, Erathil's well is sealed.

The Emperor's Well within the ruins of the city of Sanga (once capital of Sinya Palurin) erupts with power, a huge explosion of magic can be seen across the continent. The abandoned cities of Mahtar, Nandine, Fikiawe and Nuuta all within 30 miles of the explosion are practically crushed by the uncontrolled power of The Jewel, thousands of undead are destroyed, the magic within them unbound.

Further afield the waves of power crash into the domes of Ingolé and even as far as Noore I'Meles, sundering ritual defences and severely weakening the magic holding the protective domes in place...
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