A captains decision

The new homeland of the Elven people. Formerly The Bastion of Hope, Brockman Isle, The Colourful Isle and (before that) The Sea

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A captains decision

Postby Dansengupta » Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:51 pm

The wind was good and the sealion cut through the waves at a rapid speed, the captain smiled, she was the fastest ship he had sailed upon, he gazed out at the blue-green expanse before him and inhaled the sea salt air as he spoke to his first mate

"With the old sealion sinking, gods rest her soul! We have spent to long amongst those land lovers, this is where we belong" gesturing around him "You secured enough provisions, and cargo last we made port, and since we do not currently have a buyer I say we ride the waves for a while, this is where we belong"

He looks to the goblin helmsman and yells

"Nicky lad, change of course, make for the open ocean"

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