Reflecting upon the Situation

Deep below the surface, home mainly to the psychomantic underdwellers in their protected city
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Reflecting upon the Situation

Postby Rebecca » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:57 pm

The Lower Provinces were not what they had been. The great valley-caverns of glittering crystals no longer reflected the light of the alchemical globes; gone were the myriad hues of the Fields of Ljóss. Instead light left barely any impression on its surroundings. Riddling the landscape were cataract-like stains that paled objects into nothingness, until even the solidity of stone leeched away. The substance of this place was dead. It felt dead. With their minds, the psychomantic underdwellers could sense the things here were not things. Whatever world soul animated the rest of Velmaneth was simply not there.

Pouring over her maps in the command tent, Aetheldred reflected on this.

In the Blanklands, as they had come to be called by the men, only the bonded power of the Völur protected the advance. It kept them from contamination, kept them walking when there was nothing under their feet. Aetheldred was exhausted from the strain. Gone was the callow young woman who swore and drank and seemed to have not a serious thought on her mind. A grim personage had replaced her.

Her soldiers still cut a fierce figure in their knot-embossed armour, but she knew they were disheartened and disturbed. It was difficult to keep army morale up when they must range so far afield even to find real water – the subterranean streams, lakes, and pools were contaminated by the encroaching unreality here. Only a little way back she had cupped her hands under a small waterfall and found that it produced no sensation, quenched no thirst. It had become utterly without quality.

She rubbed her eyes tiredly. Hopefully supplies should be arriving from Sinnheim any day now.

For now they held the perimeter. How long could this last?
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