Let their be Life

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Let their be Life

Postby Ben » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:22 pm

The Birth of Life

Lenamo, God of Life, looked down upon Velmaneth and reached out his influence. On the land created by Grethanax he created all manner of plant life including the majestic boltab trees which he instilled with the very essence of life and death. Amongst these trees and plants he created all manner of animals before turning his attention to the creations of Eremethal and Lavelas. He created fish to fill the oceans and birds to soar the skies and then sat back to look at the world.


Something was missing. The world needed a race who would appreciate what they had, a race that would recognise the gods and strive to bring advancement to the world. He concentrated on the north of the great continent and brought forth the first sentient life, the humans, whose land stretched across the continent covering the lands of what would become known as Sinya Palurin and Gweria.

Pleased with his creations, Lenamo decided to create other races which would have similarities to the humans but would fit the environments his brothers had created.

The Dwarves

Looking first to the far north, the god of life saw that it was cold and inhospitable. Though humans could live there, they needed to be broader to keep out the cold however if he made no other changes then they would be tall and heavy and require more food, something in short supply in this environment. With this in mind he created a new race and gifted them to Lavelas, similar to humans but shorter and stockier. So were born the Dwarves, a hardy people with a natural affinity for the sea and resistance to the cold.

The Avians

Happy with his creation, he turned his attention to the south west of the great continent. Though humans were adaptable, the area was so covered in mountains that though they could survive here as they could anywhere, they would not thrive. As a gift to Eremethal, the deity took the body of a man and fused it with that of a bird to create a race to soar through the mountains and so were born the Avians.

The Orcs

Lenamo looked deep below the earth of what would one day become Noore I’Meles and saw tunnels and caverns created by Grethanax and knew that life could thrive even there. This time he took a human and infused him with the power of the cool darkness of the earth. The man’s skin turned black as the deepest tunnels and his eyes shone, able to see in the darkness far from the surface. The Orcs were born and dedicated to the god of the Earth.

The Shiraken

Though Velnashar had yet to appear, Lenamo could sense all life and knew there was a fifth brother yet to come. Though he could not see what this brother would be, he could feel the heat radiating from him and so he looked to the lands of the south east.

In many ways these lands were as inhospitable as the frozen north, covered by baking hot desert and very few creatures could survive there with such little moisture. However, as always, some had found a way. Small, cold blooded reptiles had made the land their home and Lenamo took one and bound it with the human form to create the Shiraken: lizard men able to adapt to the harsh temperatures and lack of water.

The Elves

Finally, having created races for each of his brothers, Lenamo called upon them to assist in creating a race to honour their mother. In the very centre of the great continent was the tallest mountain on Velmaneth. Grethanax and Eremethal worked together, the god of earth breaking it away from the rest of the planet and the deity of air lifting it high into the sky leaving behind a great crater surrounded by mountains. This crater, some forty miles across, would be the most magical area of the world for here the crust between the surface and the Heart of Velmaneth was thinnest and so was created what would become known as The Heartlands. Lenamo then created his masterpiece, tall, agile and beautiful: the Elves of Eremine.

But the Elves were not quite of this world, each was incorporeal and stood dormant, waiting. Lavelas was first, he called forth the power of the sea to flow into some of them and it flowed over them and around them and as the power of water flowed, they solidified becoming a part of Velmaneth their skin turning a shade of blue-green. But many remained untouched by water so next came Grethanax, calling forth the power of earth to make solid some of those that remained and their skin turned brown like the earth below their feet as they became one with it and its power. Eremethal was third, lifting many of the Elves not filled with earth or water into the clouds above their heads and imbued them with the power of air and lightning. Their skin turned blue as the sky around them as they became one with this new world. However, when he had completed his task Eremethal did not return them to the ground, instead placing them on the mountain that he and Grethanax had broken away from the world which now floated in the sky above the Heartlands: the Air Elves and the Cloudlit Realm were born. It was then that the sun rose for the first time and the fifth brother, the one that Lenamo had prophesised, made his appearance. Velnashar filled a small number of the remaining Elves with the destructive power of fire before setting them free to wreak chaos on the world. Finally Lenamo filled a small number with the force of nature, of the animals and plants he had created across the world, the circle of life and death, the power of the druids and so were born the Wood Elves.

Though each of the brothers had created a race of Elves as a gift for their mother, there were still a good number who stood ethereal, waiting. Eremine smiled at her sons and their gifts before turning her attention on the number who stood dormant. She concentrated and allowed a tiny portion of the jewel, of herself, to pass into them for these were the truly blessed of all races: The High Elves.

As time went on, Eremine’s daughter Asternia would create the Light Elves and Velnashar the Shadow Elves in retaliation but the circle of elements would not be complete for nearly 150 years when the Jehovern were finally released from captivity and Life and Death magic once again flowed in Velmaneth for on that day were born across Velmaneth the Life and Death Elves.
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