To the Hopewastes (from the Fixed/Main Plot Timeline)

For events taking place in the alternate timeline where Triundune was not banished and the Yeetas is destroying the world

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To the Hopewastes (from the Fixed/Main Plot Timeline)

Postby spsblue » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:40 pm

Derwent shivered on the ashy ground as he slept. The last month or so had been one test of endurance after another. The demons seemed content to leave the dust-bowl that sinya-palurin had become after the FireStorm unleased by the Yeetas, but everything else had gone. If it wasn't for the suppies, gathered in case of a siege in the cellar of the village hall, Derwent and Raz would have starved. But there is only so much half burnt preserved hardtack you can eat. At least there was plenty, and it had rained so the streams were running with water that once filtered, was drinkable.

His sleep was fitfull and disterbed, as it had been for most of his time in this cruel mirror of the land he knew. The soothing and comforting sensation that he associates with the Celestial Dragon is harshly absent, and memories of this land, of events he never took part in - torment him. Seeing the explosion of the magical barrier of Pathway as the Yeetas ripped its way through. And Fire, Fire, everything burning then his magic failing - his body shrivelling into ash...

Derwent woke up. It was still dark, but there was something odd in the air, a lightness that wasn't anything to do with the moons. A faint shimmering. Intregued he headed towards it. It became wider as he watched, the shimmering parting to reveal a glimse of a purple landscape beyond and ....


His wife, his beloved, lost twice once when he fell ill to the effects of a zombie bite - and once again to a death that even his healing magic could not help. The beastman's dagger had been so swift, he'd got to her in under three seconds from the blow and channelled more than enough healing to stop the bleeding - but it wouldn't...

Derwent shook himself. He had to find a way through, if there was a chance Este... but now - he had burnt her body himself. That must be the Hopewastes then.

Este moved out of sight, not noticing the narrow thread of the rift.

Meanwhile the rift grew in width again.

Eventually, when it was wide enough, he gathered up his possesions and his courage and stepped through.
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Re: To the Hopewastes (from the Fixed/Main Plot Timeline)

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:57 pm

Raz stands and dusts the ashe from his clothes and ponders to himself Is it that time of the year now?

Remembering back to his lessons from Lady Time, his thoughts dawned on him The day the dead may walk once more. I wonder. Maybe, just maybe I can get out of this god forsaken place. But I wonder, what has happened of Kalist and Aquilla? What of my other Sentinel brothers?

He collected the Sword of Time and marched for the portal, hoping it would be his chance to return.

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