The Deep

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The Deep

Postby Edd » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:50 pm

Amongst all the chaos and darkness of the deep, there is a dot of light. A single place of tranquillity. A candle in a storm. It had taken a lot of focus in order to make this tiny place of balance. One's Chi could be manipulated in order to create this level of focus, but in a godly plane with its power flowing all around, this had been stupidly difficult. It had taken about a year or so, but finally, there was some balance.

A man sits, cross legged, in the clothes he died in. His eyes are closed, and any who could sense it would see the fluctuations of his Chi were balancing out the death and shadow of the plane he existed in. Without opening his eyes he reaches for a a green box at his side. He opens the box, setting down the two inks and taking out the two brushes. When his eyes open, they are orbs of light. The brushes come up, and he writes in the air - three kanji. Mind. Body. Soul. These then fade into an image of a group of heroes, fighting through challenges. Some he recognised - a young woman with white hair. Others he did not. He did not see the earth elf, and whether this was a good thing or not, he wasn't sure. But he did see himself there.

Packing the writing kit away, his eyes return to normal. He stands slowly, knowing that by leaving, his tiny place of balance will collapse. His grandfather had spoken.

"It is time."

And with that, Shogo Matsumoto faded from The Deep.
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Re: The Deep

Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:38 pm

The Deep had changed, from its bloody pools and dying trees to a realm of Night. Creatures of shadow and darkness stalked the plane, the one, dubious, haven being the House of Heroes.

Within the House one would find some of the more civilized souls that had been killed within the Hopewastes, those that were strong enough to fight through the ravaging death that the Deep had to offer. It was not unusual to find Lazar here, speaking to the severely departed... some he would torment and offer a way back to the Hopewastes in return for future assistance... some were foolish enough to take it.

Others found thier way in to the Deeper Realm, that which Nichal had been trapped within, the realm which was now part of his, a prison for those souls that deserved so much more than death or a chance at life once more. It was also used as a training ground for some of the more deadly shadow creatures... oh how much fun they will bring to the mortal realm when they are ready.

A breach in the plane, a soul that has been here for longer than most was leaving... yet it was not with his consent. No payment, not even a goodbye from the wretch.

His words ripple through the Dark, touching the soul of Shogo as he leaves.

I doubt anyone is prepared to meet the darkness that is within you now. Ahhh the Gates have opened, those that fail will find themselves beyond the Deep, never to return.

Shogo feels a sinister smile touching the words from the God of Darkness, and a faint reminder that the Deeper was beyond the Deep... a place nothing returned from.
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