Death for Life

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Death for Life

Postby Rebecca » Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:36 pm

The red stain spread swiftly as the peasants’ blood soaked into the dust and turned the earthen floor to mud.
Dusk gazed down at the corpses of her victims, decaying in their own lifeblood. A satisfied smile crossed her borrowed face.
She had entered the small hut in the dead of night, shadow-shifting in through the hole in the wall that had served as a make-shift window. She had found the woman, heavily pregnant, hugging a young child, not above three or four, to her as she slept. Covered in a moth-eaten blanket, they both lay on the ground, and Dusk had sliced their spines cleanly and silently as they slept. For a few seconds she had wondered idly whether the woman counted as one or two deaths for the purpose of her contract, but the creaking of the door had almost immediately put an end to these speculations.
Dusk had slipped invisibly into the deeper darkness of the hut, twisting aside as a man entered the habitation.
In the shadows, the bloody stain and severed spines failed to meet his gaze, and so he stepped towards the pair on the floor calling softly, “Moriko? Are you awa-”. And crumpled, as his neck was sliced in a perfect cross.
Three deaths for three days of life. Or four for three. Either way, it made no great difference: such instances were as enjoyable as they were necessary, and Dusk relished the opportunity to exercise her blades and celebrate her faith. Heh, every day was a festival.
Shame, thought Dusk, looking down, there ought to have been a grandmother. And maybe another child or two. Around a fire. The picture would have been perfect. And perfectly disruptable. Too bad, next time maybe.
((Shadow-shift)) Dusk vanished from the room. Peasants in Serke Kemi had what might be considered (and was certainly considered by the Families) to be a virtually non-existent social status. Of those who discovered this deed, few would have the power (or right) to react, and those who did would not care. Should anyone take it into their head to track her down, however, their attempt would fail miserably, for although the peasants’ corpses littered their hut, of Dusk there remained no trace, and no magic would be sufficient to detect her. And should the unthinkable happen, she would need fear no recriminations under the name of Shinen Supai.
Good thing she had given her companion the slip. He had seemed fairly enthusiastic, but she did not have the impression he would have accepted the deal of death-for-life without following her lead, for although he had been made the offer first, he had deferred accepting it until she had made her own intentions clear. Furthermore, she doubted his ability to conceal his deeds.
Moving off, invisible in the darkness, Dusk’s form began to change. It shifted until there was only air that bore a faint sense of malevolence, and slowly, gradually, flowed forth into a different shape.
Now Dusk wore a new face, which she had seen and stolen on the road.
And for her that face felt the cool breeze of life, and smiled anew.
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Re: Death for Life

Postby shivren » Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:41 pm

He smiled warmly greeting those all about him with a sligth bow and walked openly offering to the staved the cold the hungry gifts of strong wine,of bread, of tobacco and cookies all ''good enough to die for'' a slogan painted on his warming tray.

He had even been so blatant as to put a small notation stating that 'some items on this tray may pose a health risk' he had liked that a sick little twist he knew once addicted no one would care about the risk he also knew they would assume it meant the tobacco or wine hah! sugar fat and salt the three keys to addiction.

The friendly man smiled he had learnt some interesting things in the hope wastes he ate a cookie and grinned. he could have slain just four or three but well this is the season of generosity so he poisoned seven of his gifts each given to the lowest of the low those who would not be missed or so old that little surprise would be attached to there death and made sure oh! so many more merely enjoyed the pleasures of his gifts.

After all its far to much effort to go to others if they will come to me after all it was cold out side.

Passing wine to some young boys he laughed merrily and watched the streets looking for thouse who traded in shady allys they could be useful latter after all, his goods held in a warm tray eyeing up a local bakery and smiling to him self as he stole there trade delighting in small evils he would visit bigger ones to them all to soon.

' Come one come all and delight in my feast come taste my gifts they are good enough to die for, I will bring joy and merriment to you all, Asuma-Kai will see you thru this cold winter, here sir madam feel free to try my produce I shall be opening a branch here shortly'.

Maybe then he could work on some thing new candy for the children perhaps... he liked this world it had a simple quality

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Re: Death for Life

Postby shivren » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:23 am

Enshrouded in the night his sweeping brush moved possing as an innocent flue sweep he layered the bakerys vents with thick tar sealing them such that the mornings baking could slowly build the deadly toxic fumes.
The fluee sweep work complete wandered towards the tavern stables and while casuly cutting saddle straps to drop any enthusiastic riders, the sweep noticed a drunk passed out at the rear of the tavern grinning at the oppotunity hansomely provided The sweep casuely sat down beside him and tarred his eyes nose in a manner not unakin to what could be expected of flailings to remove a drunken itch. Before helping the potent spirts in the bottel at young mans side to his lips gentaly squeesing his cheaks to part his teeth he slid the neck of the bottelin side his mouth and griped his head tigthly waiting for him to wake sadly when he did it was far to late the spirts where already in his lungs stealing his last breath the paniced thrashings had no strength ever so soon a look of peace returned the sweep once more flashed a half moon glimps of teeth set the brush to the dead mans left hand and set his rigth to the boottel before letting to to ensure an natural drop of his arm and roll of the bottel.... yes this death had been sweet, conventiant and ever so personal the sweep hadent gotten so close before

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