A baby’s sorrows

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A baby’s sorrows

Postby TheBetrayer » Sun May 01, 2011 7:08 pm

It is the dead of night in a forest on the outskirts of Dvarni. From out the shadows a figure appears cradling a small baby. The figure is rapped in a dark brown cloth that covers all of its feachers. Taking a moment to double check it is alone it places the baby down into an area of strong shadow. Reaching into its back it pulls out a dagger. I call the god of deception and murder to bare witness to this act. With this said it places its hand over the baby’s mouth so it cannot make a sound and cuts the baby into 4 equal parts. It spreads them apart enough so the gaps create a cross. The gaps are fill with the blood seeping from each quarter. ‘I know little of you, but I wish to worship you’re glory. I wish to follow you’re ways so I might become the perfect agent of deception and murder. I conduct this act in you’re name so I may be accepted into you’re grace.
With this it gets down onto all fours and bow’s before the religious symbol it created.

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