A small village

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A small village

Postby Ceinwen » Tue May 10, 2011 7:11 pm

This small secluded village stands pretty much in the middle of no where and it houses no more then thirty people, all common folk, farmers, smiths and carpenters. With no main roads passing through their village travelers are rare and the only visitors they get are the occasional traders bringing news and general goods from the cities.

The local tavern is quiet as usual, but the barmen is as friendly as ever greeting the two men who just entered with her warm smile. "Evening Bob, Mick, Good day at the farm?"
"Same as ever" One of the men reply's as he approaches the bar.
The other pauses as a poster on the notice board catches his attention, He chuckles slightly to himself as he reads it before calling back to Mick.
"Hey Mick, Take a look at this."
Mick walks over to the message board, two mugs of ale in his hands, he passes one to Bob before reading the poster, snorting as he finishes.
"Ha, About bloody time."
The two chuckle as they move away to a table by the window talking amongst themselves.

The poster that caught there attention and quickly became the talk of the town, read as follows:

Mighty heroes brave and strong
Do they know right from wrong?
Through the darkness they find their way
fighting always, they will save the day
they stand so brave and bask in glory
but listen closely to the full story.
Heroes, there not all good and true
No, really there killers through and through.

For with them a job has never been done
before a battle has been won
For every quest they have completed,
Many lives have been depleted.
Any who dare stand in their way
well, their lives would likely end that day.
Many good men, by heroes, been slayed
Prehaps just for bad choices they have made
Or standing in the way as heroes strode by
Killing, without giving any reason why

So tell me, what great things have heroes done?
Tell me of epic battles they have won.
And for every one good deed, you could say.
I could give 10 why they should not stay.
They cause more problems then they solve
So why must our lives around them revolve?
If this continues, they will cause our down fall
So come together, one and all.
For it is time for us to save this land
These essence bearers should be banned.

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Re: A small village

Postby Ceinwen » Thu May 12, 2011 8:00 am

It is a few days later when Mick is loading his wagon full of goods ready to make his monthly journey through neigbouring villages in order to trade goods. It would be a long trip, but one he always looked forward too, though he enjoyed the quiet life of his peaceful village it was a nice change to visit some of his larger villages and hear news and stories that have traveled from the far cities.
He loads the last crate into the wagon and after checking horses harness one more time he climbs aboard himself ready to leave just as Bob comes round the corner shouting for his attention.
"Hey, Mick wait!"
Bob runs up to the wagon waving a few sheets of parchment in his hands he stops beside it catching his breath before thrusting the papers towards Mick.
"Annie says you should take these with you."
Mick takes the papers and flicks through them briefly letting out a chuckle, they were all the same, copied word for word, the poem that had been posted on the tavern message board only a few days earlier.
"Al'Right, will do, Del for sure is gonna love this."
Bob grins and takes a step back from the wagon.
"Yeah I bet he will. Have a safe trip."
Bob waves as the cart pulls off and begins making its way down the dirt road.

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