And so it spreads...

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And so it spreads...

Postby Ceinwen » Sun May 15, 2011 8:37 pm

From such an insignificant village the poem spreads, quickly becoming the main topic of conversation in many surrounding villages. More and more copies of the poem keep appearing, posted in and around the villages and along the main roads.

The hand writing varies from poster to poster but the words remain the same:

Mighty heroes brave and strong
Do they know right from wrong?
Through the darkness they find their way
fighting always, they will save the day
they stand so brave and bask in glory
but listen closely to the full story.
Heroes, there not all good and true
No, really there killers through and through.

For with them a job has never been done
before a battle has been won
For every quest they have completed,
Many lives have been depleted.
Any who dare stand in their way
well, their lives would likely end that day.
Many good men, by heroes, been slayed
Prehaps just for bad choices they have made
Or standing in the way as heroes strode by
Killing, without giving any reason why

So tell me, what great things have heroes done?
Tell me of epic battles they have won.
And for every one good deed, you could say.
I could give 10 why they should not stay.
They cause more problems then they solve
So why must our lives around them revolve?
If this continues, they will cause our down fall
So come together, one and all.
For it is time for us to save this land
These essence bearers should be banned.

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