Rise of The Ice Queen

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Rise of The Ice Queen

Postby Plot Bot » Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:20 pm

Throughout the Heartlands, posters begin appearing:

Fellow Winter Elves

Our will was controlled, now our minds are free.
Our emotions were stifled, now our souls are free.
We were trapped in darkness, now our bodies are free.

Who is responsible for the saviour of the Winter Elven race? Lady Krystal Coshwood. She recovered the Heart of Winter freeing our minds. She risked her life to free our spirits from within it. She journeyed to the Frozen North to search for us and enacted the ritual to save us from the blackness that had enveloped us. We thank you Lady Krystal.

All the other Elven races have their patron deities: the Fire Elves have Velnashar, the Earth Elves have Gerethanax, the Water Elves have Lavelas. Now we too have our own deity, Krystal the Ice Queen: Goddess of Winter. We worship you Lady Krystal.

Spread the word far and wide, show your gratitude to our saviour by worshipping her or risk losing the freedoms she has granted us and be taken into the embrace of the All Father where our minds, souls and bodies will once again be taken from us. We pledge ourselves to you Lady Krystal.

Hail Krystal, Goddess of Winter.

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