A village near Ingolé

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A village near Ingolé

Postby dainul » Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:02 pm

The day had been going quite normally all told. The weekly devotions to Lenamo had proceeded as ever they did, even with the addition of a massive feline warrior to the congregation. In fact, he had probably been the most vocal and enthusiastic member of the crowd. Once the prayers were done, though, the cat had stood and gone to the front of the temple, where he was now preaching his own message loud enough to be heard from the fields outside of town.

"... I have felt all the gods of this world. Even met one of them. And I know that the Bastard God of Murder Does. Not. Exist! Somewhere there is some cowardly, shifty fuck who recons he's all that, but he's just that, a cowardly fuck. Not a god. Nowhere near a damned god." He pauses and seems to be either catching his breath or thinking of what to say next, and one of the braver villagers raises a question.

"But what about the order of... the order... um." He falters under the cat's angry gaze and falls silent.

"Cowardly, murderous arseholes who don't have the balls to do what they want to do without some divine say-so. So they invented a god. Made him up so as they can claim some higher calling when all they're doing is killing people for fun! I mean, think about it. This so-called god is supposed to be about murder and deception, yeah? And he's got a bunch of followers who think they know what he's about? Defeats the point of being god of deception if people know about you, doesn't it? So he can't have any real followers, so he can't exist!" Mezacoatl was especially proud of that argument. He'd worked it out in a pub argument a couple of weeks ago. Then worked it out again a few days later from fragments of hazey recollection, and a bit of Yashminar- or possibly Pomodiwahoosit-inspired logic.

A couple of hours later, Mezacoatl is leaving the villge, heading East, chasing up rumours of Star Tear and leaving his message of denial scattered haphazardly in his wake. If gods need belief to be powerful, then convincing the world one doesn't exist should be the most certain way of killing one. That's why these guys going on about the fall of Lenanuki were wrong. Quite aside from the fact that Mezacoatl can feel the God's presence, Gods can't be mortal to die in the first place. Stands to reason.
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