A General(s) Decision

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A General(s) Decision

Postby Luke » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:45 am

Warryn grimaced as his aide read him the letter from Rilla. It did not sound good and the message had arrived a little late.

He wondered how much trouble his brothers and some high elf called 'Anaerion' or something were causing. However attempting to discipline them could be difficult, especially given that he hadn't heard from Kazrazil in days.

The call had sounded only hours before. The word 'Glooms' whispered among even the bravest of Erathil's lieutenants. Panic was spreading throughout the forts and the heartlands and Warryn's mind wandered to the fate of the city he was so near to completing. New Narturlin would hold, even if it meant Earth Elf Hopeslayers raising armies of undead and sending the soulless creatures in waves to hold back the tide. In fact... there was sense in that...

An hour later the bravest and fastest elven messengers spread across the lands permitting the use of martial law and of all types of magic to hold back the glooms from devastating the elven populations. Warryn knew many would die but they could not abandon the Heartlands or the Pheonix King would surely kill them all anyway.

Two hours later, the Diamond Elf, currently manifesting into a dark obsidian colour marched up to a group of commanders to bark orders and shore the defence of the forts before the glooms arrived. A few steps away a low and dull thrum sounded out, it was the warning horn...

The word was no longer whispered as a sentry creamed in his rough firey tones GLOOOMMMMSS!!

The courtyard exploded into action, soldiers were babbling in fear whilst others clutched magically enhanced swords eagerly. Warryn had fought Glooms before and knew that those weapons would be useless. The sword he carried however... was not.

He climbed up to the Generals post on the outer wall. He commanded only a small contingent of 500 warriors, 200 fire elves, 200 high elves, 50 of his earthen bodyguard and 50 other elves of nearly all different types. As he looked around the fort he saw mostly fear or resignation at death. They had heard the stories, those that survived a gloom attack often killed themselves in a fit of despair, he could see that they feared for their souls.

Warryn needed to do something, anything, to boost the morale of the troops until further aid could be mustered. He wasn't one for speeches... turning to the gatekeeper he gave a short and sharp order.

Open the gate and let one gloom through to the courtyard.

The elf looked at him in horror but complied...

The gate rumbled open and screaming roared through the courtyard as Elves suspected their leader of betrayal. One gloom slowly floated through before the gates slammed shut behind it. Elves backed themselves against the wall trying to get as far as possible from the creature, hoping to be spared its attention. The courtyard itself was now clear in the centre, and crowded at the edges... Perfect thought Warryn, Time to lead.

The Obsidian Elf launched himself from his commanders post landing with a thud in the courtyard behind the gloom.

By the Pheonix King's decree, you are no elf, and as such have no right to these lands. I have killed your kind before and am not afraid of you. No First-Elf will ever die at the hands of something so weak.

He charged forward bringing his shield onto his arm and drawing his rift blade in his right hand. The creature seemed to ignore him mostly until the Elf swung down and then as if sensing the harmful weapon the gloom drifted to the side dodging the attack. It span round trying to strike the elf with it's despairing touch but Warryn lifted his stone shield turned the attack away. He slammed the gloom with earth magic for good measure but knew it would do no good... really it was just flashy and trying to impress High Elves was part of his tedious job description.

The crowd looked on, some in horror, but others in curiosity. Murmurs whipped through the crowd. Why is the Gloom not attacking him? Does the General have a soul? Can we win?

The battle continued, Warryn swinging his sword in a horizontal arc only to find the creature suddenly behind him. He span slamming his shield into the creature but again it had moved almost faster than he could see. Before the elf could even turn to look for his opponent he felt a draining on his soul. The creature had struck him in the back, clawing at his soul... but only in part, his protections had made sure of that. Warryn reversed his blade and stabbed backwards hearing the satisfying 'ssssss' as the rift blade did its work. The gloom recoiled, retreating only a few steps as Warryn got to his feet. Already he could feel his soul regenerate. He could do this for hours.

The Obsidian Elf charged forward again unleashing a savage flurry of attacks, ignoring the creatures counter and retorts. This again, was mostly for show. The creatures struck at his soul five, six, seven times, and each time Warryn simply took a breath and returned to the fight without any injury. The same however could not be said for the gloom. The reckless and unrelenting assualt of the elf had broken its defence cleaving into its body and slowly tearing it apart piece by piece. Coiling itself up and tensing like a cobra the gloom launched itself into one final attack but Warryn was ready. He sidestepped out of the way and sliced his sword downwards at the creatures exposed neck beheading it in one clean stroke. It's body dissipated.

Gasps from the crowd confirmed to the general that his fight had the desired effect. He did decide however, to make the most of his victory.


His Earth Elf bodyguard, loyal to the elf, raised their shields; Praise Gerethenax!!
Then their swords; Praise the Phoenix King!!

Warryn grabbed a high elf from the crowd.

Send word to the Phoenix King. Tell him that we need blades of rift or a ritual of binding to trap these creatures. Tell him the heartlands will not yield while I draw breath, but that we also cannot hold without a certain defence. You will not need proof I have said this. Let him read you. GO.

The high elf scurried away and begin chanting his words of teleportation.

Warryn looked at the gatekeeper.

Let two more in.
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